June 2, 2023

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Putin’s treasure hunter: “I tell you where he hides it …”

Since he became president of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin He would have raised $200 billion to become the richest man in the world. However, the enormous assets will not be directly controlled by the head of the Kremlin, but by oligarchs And many more poles who will hold it. Moreover, all this falls within the framework of a complex system of power at the base of the political structure of the Russian Federation, on top of which Putin’s personality shines.

Putin’s black monster

We used the condition, because what was described above is the reconstruction provided by Bill Browder. Not just any man, but the one who was called in the press “Putin’s treasure hunter”. To better frame the character, we just need to know that Browder is an Ango-American financier considered the black beast of the Russian leader. In fact, he is the same person who promoted the Magnitsky Act, the law that former US President Barack Obama wanted to punish corruption and human rights abuses in Russia.

For years, emphasized Corriere della SeraThe Kremlin chasing him Ten, says Browder. His Russian lawyer and partner, Serge Magnitsky, died in prison after a massive $230 million government scam was brought to light; Much of that money would have ended up in Putin’s safe. From now on, Browder began to fight against the Russian president, to do justice to his friend and reveal Putin’s alleged treasure.

treasure hunting

Browder argues that Putin’sHe started his entire career as a man who loves me Money“. The scenario of post-Soviet Russia has undoubtedly facilitated businessmen of all kinds who, over the years, have managed to make the most of the system on which the whole country will rest. Due caution, it is very heavy Russia Today will be crossed by A mafia system He will divide the territories and send money to Putin.

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There is nothing that can substantiate the various allegations Browder has made. even because “Putin has spent his whole life on bribery or blackmail people to become part of his system. So he knows that anyone who has a document bearing his name can blackmail him: he is therefore not in a position to be officially the owner of some asset.‘, he explained.

Putin’s regime

Taking into account the reconstruction of the financier currently operating in London, the above system will be based on different my pictures. These will be the oligarchy. “When you want to know where Putin keeps his money, you have to start with the oligarchy: because these people keep the money for him. I estimate that 50% of the oligarch’s fortune is actually PutinBrowder said. Even out of the 118 billionaires present in Russia and included in the list Forbesas many as 110 will be chief secretaries.

None of them can get rich or stay rich without Putin’s approval. He who authorizes them to get rich: He grants permission in exchange for keeping assets and providing any kind of financial services he needs.“Moreover, he is convinced that neither the oligarchs nor other men within the Russian political system (ministers or senior officials) will be able to to influence Chief in any way:Putin does not trust these people, everyone is being watched by others, no one trusts anyone, and if he feels the slightest sign of disloyalty, these people will be sent to Siberia or killed.“.

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The ruling on the head of the Kremlin regarding the conflict in Ukraine is even more stringent. “He will be fully capable of using nuclear weapons: Ukraine is only the beginning of his ambitionsBrowder concluded by speaking again about Putin.