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The head of the Kyiv delegation said: “There has been progress in the negotiations: we are ready for a direct meeting between Zelensky and Putin in Turkey.”

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The Draft Agreement The peace between Ukraine and Russia that was laid out during the Istanbul talks on March 29 is ready to start a direct discussion between the two presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. This was stated by David Arachhamia, head of the Kyiv delegation, in talks with the Moscow delegation, as reported by the news agency. Interfax Ukraine. Arakhmeya stated that “Russia gave an official response to all positions, which is its acceptance of the Ukrainian position, with the exception of Crimean issue. Minister of Foreign Affairs Coleba He said that there is no official written confirmation, but verbally, yesterday, via video, it appeared that the Russian side does not object to any decision ». According to reports from Arachhamia, “The Russians also confirmed the thesis that the draft documents were processed at a sufficient level for further direct consultations between the leaders of the two countries: our task is to prepare for the final stage. Not from the peace document, but from the issues that will be addressed, as well preparing for the next meeting of the chiefs. At the moment, it is not known when and where they will meet put it in and Zelensky. But – Arakhamiya continued – with a high level of probability “the two presidents will meet” in Turkey, Istanbul or Ankara”. The Turkish president Recep Tayyip ErdoganIn the last few hours, Effects His willingness to organize the confrontation between the two leaders “in the near future.”

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