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A dangerous gamble against Vladimir Putin? – Free daily

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The atrocities committed by the Russians a Bucha, a town near the capital Kyiv, where dozens and dozens of civilian corpses were left in the streets or in mass graves, shook the international community and especially the European community, which is thinking in these hours how to punish Vladimir Putin’s Russia. In particular, a Total gas banwhich would be devastating for Moscow but also for Europe.

at the same time Military aid continues to be sent to the Ukrainian resistance. The Pentagon has ordered $300 million in supplies, on top of the $1.6 billion already spent. The US is sending Switchblade heavy drones, kamikaze planes with warheads, Puma reconnaissance planes, armored Humvees, commander-guided missiles, night vision goggles, thermal imaging systems, tactical communications systems, and satellite imaging services. If so far they have sent weapons that are considered defensive, then this time the Americans will supply the Ukrainians with Soviet-made tanks.

Meanwhile, theItalia Do not stand idly by: the government has taken an unprecedented decision to dispatch “Lethal Weapons”Including Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Milan anti-tank missiles, Browning and MG automatic guns, plus, of course, ammunition. This can damage the “allergy” Russian President Vladimir PutinWhich put Italy among the “enemy” countries: but, as they say, now casts death. In addition, supplies to the Ukrainian resistance will also arrive from Great Britain and Australia: the first will send out long-range Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles, while the second will send Bushmaster armored vehicles, which have been described as particularly resistant to mines.

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