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PS5 Standard from GameStop is on sale tomorrow June 29th, here are the details on how to buy it –

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PS5 standard It will be available for purchase on the web portal of Jim Stop tomorrow, Wednesday 29 June 2022. The console will by tradition be sold in bundles with other products, such as games and accessories, with availability to be reported during the Twitch livestream. Here are the details on how to buy it.

The PS5 Standard Edition, or player version, will go on sale on the series’ official website on June 29. From 16:00 onwards. You will be notified when the console is already available for purchase during the live broadcast on Official GameStop Italia channel on Twitch, which will start at the same time. Since the quantities available, as usual, will be very limited, we suggest that you follow the live broadcast from the beginning, while remaining ready to place your order as soon as the availability is announced.

At the moment, no exact details have been revealed about the GameStop PS5 bundle on May 18, which is likely to be revealed tomorrow and we will not fail to report it on our pages. Looking at previous initiatives, we assume that the price will be around 700 euros as usual, including various games and accessories.

Just to give an example, last week’s bundle included a PS5 Digital, with white Dualsense Wireless Controller, Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones (Midnight Black), Dualsense Charging Dock, Trust Headset Stand – GXT 260 Cendor, Raptor – Play & Charge CC200 cable, and PlayStation Network Card With a value of 50 euros, all at 649.98 euros.

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