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MacControl Diavoli Vicenza beat Ferrara at home (3-0)

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Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza grabbed the full stake in the match against Ferrara at home, which ended 3-0, and won it in the first half and defended fiercely and with nails and with an excellent performance from goalkeeper Michel Frigo, he appeared superbly. Morocco, West, sunset.
In the ranks of red and white absent cantelAnd Tabanelli e Andrea Achieve, who eagerly followed the race from the stands in a shirt dedicated to Father Piero nicknamed Jabba, to whom he dedicated a minute of silence and salutations from everyone, as well as victory, while they joined the group zerdin e Simsic.
Time for each part, for games and opportunities, and perhaps more determination and redemption for the demons who were at the risk of defeat in extra time from the first leg, as well as more realism in the achievement phase and a great test in the defensive phase, the best player on the track was Julie White And red, which made the difference.

First half: Vicenza Ferrara, 3-0
In the first half, after a few minutes of studying, it was the penalty kick fired in Vicenza, outside of Francon, that could change the balance, but the demons are dangerous and the attempts of the guests are thwarted by Michel Frigo who immediately made it clear. It is in good condition. With the two teams tied, Ferrara attacks and hits the post, Vicenza responds loudly in front of the goal and Pace’s goal. Francon tries, but avoids Cipriani, sending Zappari high.
In the subsequent change to the front, a beautiful act by the Devils with perfect help from Zerdin to Nicola Frigo who made the appearance and within two minutes Vicentini had a double advantage. Ferrara calls the timeout and resumes with the conclusion of Bess who responds to Ferrara who finds Julie from Vicenza on his way. The game lights up with constant forward changes, fight on every disc, high rhythms and chances on both sides: Ferrara is very close to scoring, the Devils have a great chance and after a slightly loud finale by Gaboriau, it is Francon who set the net on Frego’s pass. Vicenza came close to scoring again with Delfino and the first half ended 3-0.

Second half: Vicenza Ferrara, 0-0
In the second half the Devils fall, Ferrara pays more, penalties increase for the Red and White, who find themselves playing for 45 seconds even in two for four, but Michel Frego gets the shields that lead his teammates to victory, less on the ball in the second half of the match. The guests also try to clear the goalkeeper in the last minute and a half, but there is nothing to be done and the match ended in red and white 3-0 and three points too heavy for morale, classification and the next challenge. At home next Saturday against Milan.

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SCOREBOARD – Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza – Warriors Ferrara, 3-0 (3-0)
MAC Control Diavoli Vicenza
: Frigo M., Olando, Francon, Delfino, Dell’Uomo, Sigmund, Centofante, Trevisan, Pace, Baldan, Zerdin, Frigo N., Simsic, Dal Sasso. Shepherd Maran F.
Ferrara Warriors: Cipriano, Artioli, Duchemin, Ballarin, Crivellari, Veronese, Dell’Antico, Bellini A., Lettera N., Zabbari, Bellini M., Gaboriau, Lettera A. All. Bellini A.
Referees: Gallo and Rigoni M.
Networks: PT: 5.36 Pace (V), 7.38 Frigo N. (V), 16.08 Francon (V).

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