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The flash is never in danger

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Now it’s also about stealing a star SparkleExcept this time, Vermont police will not be lenient. After a short investigation that led to Ezra Miller, we prepare for trial. And after escaping to the United States, purported possession of weapons and materials, and more, Warner could give up on the movie.

I spent weeks tracking down the stages of escape Ezra Miller Across the United States – looked like a witness Badlands By Terrence Malick – Started with various allegations of child cheating and inappropriate behavior and ended with Ezra Miller was armed and wearing a flak jacket Convinced that he is being pursued by the FBI and the KKK (at least that’s what the reports want). As for the cinematic side, the situation is important (and sensitive) for predicting the future of projects that promised to be decisive, in Warner And the DC Comics. Last week, the flagship didn’t get a break, especially when many questioned the reason for the cancellation bat girl If he had Same score as Black Adam and Shazam (hence also The Flash) for the screening test.

Why cancel Batgirl then And keep risking a project like Sparklewhich no matter how huge it may become Distributive suicide with each passing day, mainly if not exclusively for Ezra Miller. Now even a police report accusing him of theft and issuing a subpoena: “On 1/5/2022 at approximately 5:55 p.m., Vermont State Police were alerted to a burglary report at a home on County Road in Stamford, Vermont. Preliminary results indicated that several bottles of spirits were taken from inside the house while the owners of the house were not present. After an investigation that included video and surveillance statements, they were revealed Evidence was found accusing Ezra M. Miller committing burglary in a vacant house“.

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Two days later, the officers located the plaintiff and handed the subpoena to court. there The first session will be held on September 26. Vermont State Police cooperated with the Bennington County District Attorney’s office in the investigation. Meanwhile, Warner continues to evade requests for comment from the mainstream media. But now – even the deadline is lopsided – with a formal indictment compared to the many that, instead, have not really materialized in the courtroom in recent weeks, Warner may challenge some ethical provisions Usually found in contracts for roles of this caliber, thus covering damages at least partially.

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