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WhatsApp, all the ways to create links: the possibilities are endless

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Whatsapp allows you to create links, each of them very useful: all the ways, what to know and a simple step-by-step guide for everyone

The well-known and much-loved Whatsapp allows you to create links in different ways and with great benefit: there are different possibilities for users, as well as areas of use. All the details and a simple guide to follow.

Today’s information

when it comes to b The WhatsApp It is indicated what might be a queen Instant messaging applicationor at least certainly among the most used today.

In fact, there are many users who use it daily to exchange text or voice messages, share multimedia content, attachments, and more. This applies to many users android What is the price iOS iPhones.

Whether in the workplace – professional or private, with family and friends, the app is now a fixture in the lives of many.

So it is not at all surprising that the latter is not only gradually improving with updates and new features that transform the user experience. (Here is the latest news to get the most out of the app). But it is also not surprising that although it is mainly used for exchanging messages, it is actually there Various possibilities related to the application itself. like calls and video calls, for example

Here it can be particularly useful and valuable to know how to do it Create WhatsApp links for calls and video calls. That’s a lot android, Starting from your iPhone or PC. Every detail in the manual explores this and many other valuable aspects and features.

What is a Whatsapp link, how does it work, when and for what purpose

Since the application, as mentioned and known, is very widespread, you can also find yourself in contact with possibly contacts. They don’t know each other. Or again, with people who You don’t have a phone number.

It is in such cases that they are especially useful Whatsapp links And find out how to create the latter. In detail, deities are indicated quick links, Whether it is for a group or a specific user.

This means that through these links there is a way to access directly to communicate with a specific topic. And you can do that, and avoid having to go through a phase Register the contact in the address book.

So links They make communication faster, especially with users who aren’t saved in the address book or aren’t known anyway. But similarly, it is also valuable in relation to Share your Whatsapp contact With many users quickly.

There is not only one type of Whatsapp link, but many. Mainly referred to as classic URLs, Or for those who see her generation through QR codes.

Create Whatsapp (contact) links on Android, iPhone, PC and Web

probabilities that are associated with The WhatsApp There are really many of them, and others still have access, for example In-app purchase Which soon may not be just a dream: here are the details.

But back to the point in question, I understand what it is when we talk about it Whatsapp links It is necessary to dwell on the relevant passages How to create such links. These are simple steps, but they differ depending on the device used. so let’s go Android and iOS With Iphone Or who PC and the Web.

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Chain and Link on Android and iOS

exist Two main modes to Create Whatsapp links from the phone. In the first case, this is the so-called manual mode. So we’ll use string immediately after 39“, the own phone number.

the “39” Means international number, If it is a number registered in Italy. Immediately after that, as mentioned, you must enter the mobile phone number. After creation, there can be sharing. After opening the link, the user will be directed to the chat with the contact listed in the link.

Obviously, but it must be emphasized and noted, that The link will just work If the number already entered is Linked to a contact on Whatsapp.

Then another possibility passes by creating a file QR codes which goes to send it back to the contact. In this case, you must first open the application on your smartphone and access the settings. This is via the three dots icon located at the top, on the right.

access to the corresponding optionQR Code It is located near the name on the right. Then go to sharing the same thing.

Series and links on desktop and web

In case you wanted to do it but who the computer, You can create it but only by manually running a fileURL and not via QR Code.

So the procedure is the same as described above. I. Series followed by the mobile phone number. Then there could be sharing, With it open it will lead to the chat.

Create Whatsapp (Group) Links on Android, iOS, PC and Web

So far, it has been said about How to create WhatsApp links From an individual perspective Contacts, However, the app also enables another very useful possibility. this is gCreate a link to a group of “green” messaging apps.

In the various cases that are examined in depth, it is necessary and important to bear in mind that the creation of the aforementioned towards a group is a process Only allowed in one case. That is, if the subject in question has it Group manager position.

Android and iOS

Again, the steps to know are few and basically simple. These are the steps based on the official app The WhatsApp, However it is needed and there is availability Exclusively for group admins. Therefore, exclusively for those who have the opportunity to add new topics to the group.

Therefore, if the interested party is not also the administrator of the group, it will have to refer instead to whoever manages it, and request its creation.

Having made the necessary promise, it is necessary first of all to proceed with opening the application smart phones or tablets android. Log in to the group you are interested in, and to the information about it, with an emphasis on the name above.

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At this point it is necessary to go down to get to the entrance “Participants”. Here, log in to Invitation via link.

Once here, there will be several possible options, such as Share the group link via the app. there copy of the same or share it through third party applications. And again, the obstetrics, And in the end sharing affiliate QR code iblackening a group. Finally, Reset link.

PC and the Web

Create Whatsapp link for groups This can also be done via the computer, a lot through the app desktop computers How much through version web.

You need to access the Desktop / WEB version on your computer and then the combination you want. At this point, focus your gaze on the information on the same thing paying attention to the three dots on the right, at the top.

Next, go down the silo to the “i.einvite via link. Here, various and different options will be presented to the user. In this case, the link to the group can be shared through the application and copied. Then create and share a QR CODE related to the group (the latter only in the desktop app). Finally, the ability to reset the link.

Not only create Whatsapp links: How to join a group via link and QR CODE

The topic associated with the links of the well-known and beloved instant messaging application is wide, and it is not limited to How to create WhatsApp links. In fact, many may be wondering How to access within the group of applications via the link.

Basically, there are two basic ways, and they are relevant for both devices android What is the price iOS.

first through opening From a link shared by the administrator. After clicking or tapping, you will be redirected. In order to join the group, confirmation is enough.

Also, you can do this by going to Scan the QR code Thread posted by the administrator. Few steps to do this.

First of all, you need to access the settings of the “green” application, in this case the entry related to the QR CODE located next to your name.

At this point, there will be a way to clear by focusing on QR code scanning.

How to copy and how to share Whatsapp links

After the link is established, there are several ways to do this To participate and made available. First of all, one of these is represented by copy From the same steps differ according to the nature of the links themselves.

If done “manually” with the URL and phone number, the user only has to do it Select it fully and Copy it inside the clipboard. It’s the classic process that happens with URLs, as in the case of sites, so to speak.

If instead it was created by Qatari Ryal symbolsthe user will only have to do this screenshots And save it to the gallery to keep it always available and for you to share.

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regarding sharing, As mentioned, there are different methods that also depend on the nature of the association. There are two main ways.

In the event that the URL is linked to an associated phone number, it can be sent as always with website links, eg. There is a way to Copy and paste it within chats, but also include them in your portal. This is useful if you want to provide a direct link to the chat. Read more on this specific topic here.

When your link is through QR codesit is enough to show it to the interested party, or take a screenshot and send it as picture.

How to Insert and Share Whatsapp Links on Instagram, Profile – Bio & Stories

The ability to reach as many people as possible and therefore the ability to share your link further is associated with the use of social networks such as Instagram. In this sense, in fact, it may be useful to take advantage of this social network.

So we need to understand How to insert Whatsapp link in your Instagram content.

Firstly, you can do it by placing the respective link yourself Biography on me IG profile. It is sufficient to use the link generated via the URL which also contains the phone number associated with the instant messaging application.

Also, there is also a way to insert it inside a file Instagram stories. In this case, you must first create the link as described above, via a URL with the phone number included.

After that, you need to copy it and open Instagram to start a new story. Here it is necessary to pause on the icon that allows inserting labels, and then the label related to the link.

After holding down the text box, you need to paste the link you copied earlier. At this point, you can select Done and continue sharing.

How to find Whatsapp link

Find and search for these links He can also follow holes in the water. That is, when there is no complete knowledge of the contact details being searched for.

There is no such tool to search for and locate these “green” app links. In fact, these are special items because they trigger communication and allow you to exchange contacts with the latter.

If you know the phone number of the user you want to look up, in that case there would be a way to “manually” generate the user’s URL and try it out. That is, try to find out if it is there and if it leads to chatting.

After all, if you do not know the account number, it will be enough to save it in the address book and see if there is an associated “green” application account, looking at the contacts inside the application itself.

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