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PS5 Slim is a reality DIY Perks built one 2cm thick –

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PS5 You will see the light with the form moderate build Capable of reducing dimensions and offering a less abundant aesthetic than the current one? While waiting for Sony to fulfill this wish, the guys at DIY Perks turned this dream into realitybuild a prototype of Thickness 2 cm.

How the hell did they do that? Well, you might remember how the official PS5 video deconstruction revealed the management of a certain space to a certain extent, with the bulk of volumes occupied bypower supply And from dissipation system from the console.

Well, DIY Perks have taken steps to remove all of these components, and dry the liquid metal to cool the SoC PlayStation 5 And build a new dissipation system that complies with the thickness requirements required by the project.

PS5, the slim model created by DIY Perks

The existing solution consists of one large copper plate Grooved to allow water to pass through, with additional small chip-compatible blocks to be cooled and new liquid metal added on the processor to resume the original thermal design.

Sure, PS5 Slim designed by DIY Perks is implied for now Huge compromisethat is, the fact that the coolant and power supply are positioned outside the form factor, making the end result “wrong” and impossible to market under these conditions.

However, if we were satisfied with a less drastic reduction in size, perhaps backed by a powerful enough air cooler, we might have come up with an interesting and less complicated solution compared to the current PlayStation 5.

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