Home entertainment Venom and Spider-Man: A New World on Disney + This Month

Venom and Spider-Man: A New World on Disney + This Month

Venom and Spider-Man: A New World on Disney + This Month

The catalog of Marvel content is available at Yes Disney Plus Expands significantly this month: Plus Originally a Netflix seriessuch as Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Punisher, will recently arrive in two successful Sony productions, feature animation Spider-Man: A New World and movie 2018 poison, first starring Tom Hardy. Both will be available from Friday, June 17, of course without additional costs compared to a monthly subscription to the platform.

This is made possible thanks to an agreement between Sony and Marvel that became official some time ago, that relates to more than just the Marvel Cinematic Universe. basically, Disney + will be what we can define as the “station platform” for many of the films and series produced by the Japanese company: First they’ll go out to the movies, then they’ll go through the stream somewhere else, and then finally, after some time and then when they stop generating the bulk of interest (and views) they’ll get to Disney+ (or in other services that the giant always controls).

The relationship between the two companies has evolved in an interesting way over the past few years: We remember that Sony bought the rights to Spider-Man and many of the characters they gravitate around long ago, long before the The birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Marvel Studios’ meteoric rise, it took a while for the two forces to find a balance that allowed both to thrive, and there were a few times when that happened. It seemed very insecurebut recently, both seem to have realized that collaborating is the right way to win over all of us – both of them and the fans.

Disney’s press release confirms it The same treatment will also get you other Marvel movies produced by Sony: The titles aren’t mentioned in an explicit way, but it’s easy to think of the latest Spider-Man with Tom Holland (and while we’re at it…why not the whole trilogy?), the latest second installment from Venom, Carnage’s Fury, and onto Morbius.


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