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Deathloop and Xbox Series X | S VS PS5 also in video analysis of Digital Foundry – Nerd4.life

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It lacks proper appeal digital foundry On the inevitable question Xbox Series X | S VS PS5 for DeathloopArkane Studios Lyon shooter finally made its debut on Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, one year after it debuted on PC and PlayStation 5.

So, after comparing the video by IGN and the analysis by ElAnalistaDeBits, even the English newspaper comes to say its opinion in detail. Video Analysis Which measures resolution, frame rate, and game effects on the two platforms.

It starts with the recommended graphics mode, “Performance”, which sees the title run at 60 frames per second Stable with dynamic resolution moving mostly between 1080p and 1440p, and improved visually through the use of AMD FSR but only in version 1.0.

The “Visual Quality” mode increases detail, from 1832p to 2160p but does not guarantee approximately 60 fixed frames, on the contrary, it often drops to 50fps and returns with an overall inconsistent experience, especially if you do not have VRR compatible monitor.

30fps for “ray tracing” mode, which can rely on ray tracing support for shadows and environmental obstruction, with obvious improvements in some scenarios, contrasts with 120fps for “ultra-performance” mode, which, at the end of the calculations, is the only one Which marks the difference between Xbox Series X and PS5, with the latter lagging by just a few frames.

Do you want to know more about the game? Check out our Deathloop review for the Xbox Series X.

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