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Domina changes gender and becomes Dominus to violently attack trans community –

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Gladiator simulator developer dominate He decided to launch a very direct and violent attack on trans communityAnd change the gender of his game and rename it Dominos. The text accompanying the ad leaves no doubt about its intentions:

“We have no ideas, we’re mentally unstable, totally stooped and desperate for power. We pretend we’re a whole new game to get fit again.”

Crazy Domina Update

As in the past, developer Dolphin Barn used a file Modernization From his game to make a direct attack on the LGBTQ+ community. However, the message continues, definitely not improving things:

Dead name: Domina (The dead name is the name the trans person had before moving, usually the first name Ed.). Please don’t mention it again. We mention them here just to tell you not to mention them again. It’s normal to change the gender of a video game and not confuse anyone. Don’t be fanatical. If you are confused, please don’t get confused anymore and remember that Domina never existed, while Domina has been and has always been, you didn’t know you were playing with a man dressed as a woman, but now that he’s unveiled, you don’t have The right to feel cheated, in the same way that poor drunk men have sex with transvestites like Kevals, without being told he’s a man, they have no right to feel cheated and you’re a bigot to be confused or even imply that something like this happened, let alone an opinion about it.

The attack here is clearly aimed at Kevalis, who in recent months has been subjected to real persecution, forcing her to move into her home and constantly move so she can’t be recognized by the transgender people who follow her on Twitch.

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However, transphobia also persists in the release note, where we can read in two different places: “Stop destroying the innocence of children by lying to them about basic biology,” and “Stand up for what you believe in, and ask God for courage.”

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