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Big Brother Vip, it’s a war between Soleil Sorge and Miriana Trevisan: ‘What a disgusting’

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Solly Sorge is disappointed with the words Mirjana Trevisan spent on her trip to the Big Brother Vip, including her relationship with Alex Belli.

Mirjana Trevisan e Soleil rise They can’t coexist in love and harmony, but that’s definitely not a mystery to fans big brother vip. While the whole house including Biagio Danieli, sided in favor of the blonde influencer, and spoke very poorly of getting out of the scene Alex BaileyThe showgirl continues to blame too Soleil, who comes to find out all the bad things that are being said and explodes with ferocity.

Vip’s older brother, Soleil Sorge finds out the truth about Miriana Trevisan

How long Alex Bailey left home big brother vip, unqualified to touch Delia Duran Despite the quarantine, trying to stop her and restore the relationship after courtship Soleil rise a CinecittaChaos broke out and the tenants gave all their support Soleil Sadness over time Alex can not expect it. Not everyone wants to blame Billy, like Mirjana Trevisan who continues to incite against him worriesDeclaring not to be found the victim of the situation but the partner. Biagio Danieli I tried to make Mirjana think, explaining that the situation is between them Alex E Sun It compares well with what they have and thus should include Italian Americans, but it was all useless.

While Giacomo Ortis scores a 0-0 win over TrevisanDeclaring that she could not stand the temptation’s movements, Biagio reveal Soleil What did the girl say about her review. “I’m not happy with how Alex got out and behaved towards him last night. In this thing I’m going to defend you with a sword. I’ve made comparisons with my girlfriend to Mirjana”, I confess Biagio. “How disgusting, he never ceases to amaze me. She doesn’t do this because she thinks differently, but just to stand against me. Why don’t you come over and tell me I’ll never hug her,” she says, has been explained Soleil Extremely disappointed and bitterly.

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“We have two different opinions, it’s not that he goes against you but that he has a vision of his own. He had to pull himself off and show the qualities”he finished Danielletrying to defend mirjana, perhaps unaware that he just started the war between the two.

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