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Canada, to admire between wildlife and cities

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The largest, actually the second largest country in the world, full of forests, mountains and lakes, Canada is often imagined A vast natural reserve, Bordered only by the oceans, the Arctic Ocean and the United States. Yes, the maple covers a large part of it, its leaf is a true national symbol, while if we count the thousands of rivers and streams and spectacular large lakes that cross it, they are the focus here. A quarter of the entire planet’s fresh water. The Rocky Mountains are truly large-scale Alps, made up of peaks, virgin forests and lakes of turquoise, and its wild nature provides a home for all kinds of animals, including bears, poles, coyotes, puma and caribou. Wolf to savagery. But more than the natural wonders of Canada, it is a real one Melting pot Culture created by vibrant and contemporary cities where diversity is a strong point. Take the cities of Montreal and Quebec, take the important and historic cities on the Atlantic coast, where the French language is spoken, the nightlife never stops and the cultural fabric speaks to the world. Compare Vancouver, located at the other end of the West Coast, to an exotic and cosmopolitan city that will not be envied by its American cousins. Then think of the capital, Ottawa, where art exhibitions attract visitors from all over, and nearby Toronto is a true contemporary music city. So natural, but a fascinating community was discovered.

Touch of Quebec, France

The French-speaking province of Quebec is the largest in the whole of Canada, and the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this vast country is a kind of nation within its own language and culture. Spend a day in Quebec City on the banks of the St. Lawrence River to feel it. Looks almost somewhere in Europe: narrow streets, a fortified old town, stone buildings and colorful houses. The same goes for Montreal, another French city with an attractive old town, a great passion for fashion and some exotic reserves like the perfect neo-Gothic style Notre Dame Basilica. Don’t be fooled though, Francophone’s cultural pride in literature, music, drama and the arts is obvious, but this area is a true cultural melting pot of new creative energies, world-famous festivals and nightlife. . After all, this is home to maple syrup and the most avid hockey fans. Outside the spectacular cities, you will find boats, seaports and mountains sinking in fjords to cross through spectacular Mont Templant Mountains: Towards the north of the forest, in the midst of majestic nature, always in Canada, the heart beats.

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Ontario, beautiful water land

Do you know the famous Houghton Bay, the famous Northwest Passage and the vast expanse of water that faces the Arctic? To complicate your work, the province of Ontario begins, or ends, with amazing natural adventures and many wonderful places to visit and discover. A little help, talking about exciting places and geographical locations, can be provided by Niagara Falls, everyone knows, that amazing water flow – you know? – Divides the border between Canada and the United States. Ontario is located between these two peaks, and its name seems to be derived from the Iroquois Indian word Canadario, meaning beautiful water: not only the famous waterfalls, but also the thousands of rivers and streams that characterize the region. With five majestic large lakes. One of the closest places to the collective imagination in terms of nature and North America, for Canadians they are real inland lakes. Like Toronto, one of the must-see places is a city full of nightlife, art exhibitions and lush music. No more worrying about the cold, as here in Montreal there is a dense gallery network that allows you to practically take refuge from the elements, which is called the path, and connects a thousand shops and boutiques at a distance of 30 kilometers. 50 buildings on the surface. Between nightlife, world-famous art exhibitions and Toronto’s rich music scene, as far as Ottawa, the capital of Canada, full of historic buildings.

West and rocky mountains

You would not expect, two names we usually associate with the United States, but the definition of the Wild West is as good for neighboring states as it is for Canada. Aside from the fact that it preserves true wildness in the west, it is always very cold, and there are spectacular cities like Vancouver on the beach. There are still cowboys in this unique setting, and there is no shortage of adventurous feelings. You can enjoy rocky mountains, high peaks, alpine meadows, turquoise lakes, virgin forests, high waterfalls and nearby vibrant cities such as Whistler and Banff. If you think the province of Alberta protects the wildlife that lives unhindered by these magnificent glaciers, thousands of kilometers of trails and five large national parks, nothing is missing. Nevertheless, to reach the coasts of the Pacific and British Columbia is far less likely to suddenly find yourself in the exotic landscapes offered by Vancouver’s seaside metropolis. A cosmopolitan city, it attracts artists from all over the world and enjoys a mild climate despite its northern location. Comfortable atmosphere and the typical cultural vibe of the West Coast, unique spas and spectacular view of Vancouver Island. It is also one of the few places in the world where you can go skiing in the morning and boating in the afternoon as the ski slopes are easily accessible.

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