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‘Private space has value’

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It has become a real reference point for youth and youth (and not only): Georgia Soleri At the age of twenty-six, she has been able to give a voice to many women, to all those who experience pain that is invisible but no less impacting their lives. The influencer told herself on the tour, talking about her childhood and difficult past, also hinting His love story with Damiano DavidCommander Manskin.

Giorgia Soleri, difficult childhood, depression, suicide attempt

Difficult childhood, always silent pain, depression and the desire to end everything: Giorgia Soleri spoke about all this in a long interview with Corriere della Sera, Let go of memories that are still burning.

influencer She grew up without her father by her side, whom he met many years later recently, when he appeared by surprise at the presentation of his book: “My parents divorced when I was four. in the middle “. A life made of light and shadow at a point The pain has taken hold.

In 2017, Soleri hit rock bottom: “I tried to commit suicide. I was depressed but I didn’t know it, as it happens to many people. I was always in bed, what could have motivated me no longer does. Then she tried to commit suicide. I reached ground zero, I could only go up or give up.” Essential It was his mother’s interventionwho rescued her and slowly brought her back to life amid drugs and new hopes.

From that moment on, her battle began on social media, as she tries to fight the taboo related to her disease – vulvodynia and vulvar neuropathy – with the goal of being beneficial to all women who do sports every day. Physical pain and social stigma. “They accused me of speculating about my illness, and they told me about each one of them. But when a girl arrives and writes ‘Thank you I gave my name for my pain’ and then everything goes away,” she said.

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Giorgia Soleri, against taboos and stereotypes

It is not easy to talk about pain and illness, nor is it easy to fight stereotypes about the female personality. In fact, Giorgia also started a fight over Freedom not to shave: “Our body, a woman’s body, is still a battlefield and how. I don’t want to provoke, I just want to tell the girls that You start to feel good about yourself“.

Love story with Damiano

Giorgia Soleri’s romantic association with Damiano David, the lead singer of Manskin, is now well known. However, the writer and influencer never wanted to associate her name with her boyfriend’s name. The two always lived their love away from the spotlight, to the point that for several years no one knew about their relationship.

Georgia and Damiano live together today, their love is rarely the hero in their social profiles, and they have always kept a certain reserve about their story. And to the question “How did you meet?” , Soleri was categorical: “Nobody knows and will not tell. Private space is still valuable to me“.

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