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Canada has banned the import of single-use plastics. Dear politicians, let us take an example

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A federal measure announced by the Canadian government last Tuesday Ban it To manufacture or import some from abroad Disposable plastic products Straws, cutlery, shopping bags, food containers and drink stirrers etc.

The operation is the first in a series of other operations with a target to remove more than one million tonnes. Plastic products (very difficult to recycle) and total zero plastic from municipal waste by 2030.

The catering and food distribution industries (and all consumers) are presented with a difficult task to adopt Within a year Alternative solutions The use of these disposable plastic products; In fact, the use of these products will be in Canada from December 2023 Illegal.

Beyond the various criticisms and debates of Uncertainties and discomforts This provision has already been made among the Canadian people, and it cannot be denied that such action arises from a sense of political responsibility to protect our future. A conclusion Politically intelligent A. Because it is in our DNA to protect the species political action Protecting our future is more likely to be welcomed by society, whether it comes from the right or the left.

Acts of political bravery with someone in our beautiful country Future vision It protects everyone’s rights to health (and not only) as they look Must miss. In fact, the Canadian move is very similar to a 2019 European directive that bans the use of many single-use plastic products.Plastic phenomenon on the environment.

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However, Italian politics decide to add some to the mandate Exceptions This violates a European directive that allows the use of “biodegradable” plastics, however, there is no evidence degradation In our seas. A political act to protect the plastic manufacturing industry, present and past. Political courage To protect our future.

The same Lack of political courage In order to secure a better future, we can see the presence of abundant landscapes (by law!) all over us. Territory – Big holes where plastic and other pollutants simply come in instead of being blocked Bury yourself.

Many have the case The land of Scala Koeli, in the province of Cosenza; A supermassive black hole sits in the middle of an ecosystem, between Scylla and the Ionian Sea, that produces matter High organic quality It should fill the homes of all Italians and instead is simply dangerous to disappear Forever.

The Scala Coeli landscape, like the others, was created over many years Political debates Debates, however, were never developed – at the local, provincial, regional, national and even European level An act of political courage aimed at the future.

Let’s look for these bold political actions that aim for a better future in our territory: if we don’t find them, it’s a sign that we have to next time. Vote differently, or simply vote. Happy holidays everyone.

Photo by Nicola Abruzzis

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