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PlayStation Store, PS4 games for less than 5 euros with offers PlayStation Indies – Nerd4.life

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Playstation Store Recently saw the launch of the PlayStation Indies promo, which allows you to buy several of them PS4 games as well as for less than 5 euros. What are the most interesting?

Let’s start with Psychonauts (review), the gem of Double Fine Productions, which can be yours thanks to the pay-only offers. 4.39 € Instead of 10.99 and make you want to buy the last great version as well. Not at that price, of course.

Then there’s Amnesia: Collection (review), the collection that includes two chapters from the horror series and the Justine expansion, available only 2.84 € Instead of 28.49: It’s 90% off, sorry if it’s meager.

With the same coin wallet, you can win The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, in the upgrade in 2.84 € Instead of 18.99, while you will have to invest a little more to buy Salt and Sanctuary, which comes at a price 4.49 € Instead of 17.99.

4.49 € Instead of $29.99, that’s also the price of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, an enhanced and enriched RPG version of InXile Entertainment that, with the extra effort, you can throw together 4.99 € Essential to experience the horror experience of Layers of Fear 2.

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