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6 Actors Too Young For Their Roles (And 6 Others Who Are A Little Too Old)

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Finding the perfect face capable of reflecting the physical characteristics, personality and style of the character is one of the most complex and important steps in the making of the film, because it is precisely from the first effect that the audience’s meeting with the protagonist that builds a lot of alchemy with it. Especially if we are talking about works based on books, video games, comics or other pre-existing materials known to the public. And if it is true that the casting process is by no means simple, the difficulty is doubled when it comes to crucial ages, such as adolescence or childhood, for which it becomes difficult to find a suitable interpreter. In fact, sometimes it can happen that we see decidedly young stars playing sexually unrestrained characters or protagonists of scenes inappropriate for their age, or, on the contrary, to see actors well over their thirties, in the role of teenagers … a little grown up! In today’s gallery, from movies like Spider-Man to cinematic Logan or cult cinemas like Dirty Dancing, we explore both, with 6 actors too young for their roles (and 6 others too old).

  • Colin Farrell in Alexander: Too Old

In this case, it is not the age for his role that is inappropriate, but the choice to have the actor play the son of a character played by an actress of roughly the same age. Indeed, in the film Colin Farrell is Alexander the Great, the son of Olympias, or his classmate Angelina Jolie, who was only a year younger than him during filming.

  • Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver – Too Young

The role played by the actress in the famous film by Martin Scorsese is undoubtedly a mature one. Definitely mature. Maybe a little too much for a 12 year old girl. Jodie Foster was exactly that age when she took part in the shoot and although her twenty-year-old sister took her place in the more explicit sex scenes, the actress revealed – a few years later – that working on the film made her very uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, before accepting the part, a very young Jodie Foster was followed by a psychologist!

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  • Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing – So Old

No one can put a child in a corner. Also because the child is old enough to avoid being put in the corner on his own. While the ’80s cult heroine was actually just a 17-year-old teenager, her interpreter was already twenty-seven. Sure, Jennifer Gray was still very young, but in the movie we can’t help but notice that she doesn’t look like every little girl ready to get up at seven to go to school.

  • Daphne Keen in Logan – Too Young

6 Actors Too Young For Their Roles (And 6 Others Who Are A Little Too Old)

The child star who played the character Laura in the standalone movie Wolverine starred in the movie at just 12 years old. Excluding the fact that her character in the comics will be over 20 years old, the sheer presence of particularly violent and gory scenes could definitely be too much for a girl of that age. It is no coincidence that the film is rated R-Rated, that is, suitable for viewers over 17 years old. Paradox!

  • Kevin Spacey in Beyond the Sea – Too Old

His performance was certainly memorable, however, in the 2004 biopic based on the life of singer Bobby Darin, Kevin Spacey provided the face of a character in his 20s and 30s. The actor was already 45 years old, and despite the excellent make-up and performance, the age difference was visible to everyone.

  • Elle Fanning in Deception – Too Young

6 Actors Too Young For Their Roles (And 6 Others Who Are A Little Too Old)

Although the age of the character coincides with that of the actress, it is not pleasant to see a sex scene starring a nineteen-year-old forty-year-old actor. In the film, Elle Fanning and Colin Farrell respectively play a teenager and a soldier who end up in bed together after a girl’s repeated advances. Although the actress is of age, it wouldn’t hurt to choose a classmate who was a few years older than her!

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  • Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3 – very old

At the time of Spider-Man 3, the actor had already turned 32 years old. Too bad Peter Parker had just come out of his teens and was only 20 years old. Let’s face it, Maguire still has the face of an eternal baby, but the age difference might have been starting to show.

  • Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed are thirteen – so young

Well, it’s true that the movie is based on true events for one of the two protagonists when she was only 13, but the casting of a 14-year-old actress to join her might have been a bit exaggerated. In fact, in the film we see Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed (whose childhood the film is based on) interpret two precocious young adults who undergo experiences completely inappropriate for their age, such as thefts, drugs, alcohol, and power. Various kisses and touches made by masculine heroes.

  • Olivia Newton-John in Grease – Very Old

6 Actors Too Young For Their Roles (And 6 Others Who Are A Little Too Old)

Nothing to object to his performance. The actress was certainly believable in the role of 17, but it is still true that at the time of Grease Olivia Newton-John was already 28 years old. While Danny’s character was played by John Travolta who had just turned 23, Olivia Newton-John was preparing to make it 29. There is quite a distinct difference when it comes to teenage characters.

  • Chloe Grace Moretz in Kick-Ass – Too Young

Her controversial casting has repeatedly been at the center of controversy, as the actress, at just 13, played a character far too violent for her age. Although the most brutal scenes are presented in a light-hearted, ironic tone, it’s still a sequence that includes stabbings, dismemberments, and lots and lots of gore. Not to mention the slang used in Kick-Ass, appropriate for a Hit-Girl character, but not for any thirteen-year-old!

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  • Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diaries – Very Old

6 Actors Too Young For Their Roles (And 6 Others Who Are A Little Too Old)

When the TV series began in 2009, the actor — who was then 31 at the time — found himself playing a teenage vampire. The age difference between the two was already a lot, but over time it definitely got worse. As we all know, vampires never age, but actors do! So in 2017, after a whopping 8 seasons, the 38-year-old Somerhalder reprized the unlikely role of a teenager.

  • Jennifer Lawrence in Joy – Too Young

6 Actors Too Young For Their Roles (And 6 Others Who Are A Little Too Old)

There is no doubt that it was one of the best performances by the actress, who was nominated for the Academy Awards and Golden Globes for giving us an authentic and suave portrayal of the hero. However, Jennifer Lawrence found herself giving her face to a woman at 35 years her age, which is 10 years more than just 25 at the time.

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