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Here are what companies pay for it

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To protect the purchasing power of Italians, many companies have decided to donate Special Rewards And the Salary Awards, attributable to economic rewards to support daily expenses. Precisely in the face of increases in electricity and gas bills, which make life difficult for employees, companies such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Atlante and many others have considered extraordinary measures to provide tangible support for increases in bills and food.

It is not only large companies that think about their employees and their purchasing power in a period of acute crisis and hyperinflation. Suggested even medium and small businesses to implement Concrete help for families.

Many companies in Europe are heading in the same direction, particularly in France where the energy crisis has already undermined the continuity of electricity in homes. In fact, there is not only a two-hour-a-day power outage, but there is a real possibility that France, due to maintenance at the nuclear power plant, will reduce or stop selling energy to Italy. This will increase the energy tension in our country, and in the absence of concrete solutions from Italian and European policy, the danger is that the winter will be very difficult.

Here are the companies that decided to develop concrete assistance plans for dependent families and what they chose to do.

Businesses by families: salary bonuses to counter inflation

Some companies have decided to provide tangible aid to families to help them with the rising cost of living. Between soaring bills, food inflation and general economic uncertainty, companies have hired employees. that it bonus or a prize In addition to salaries to support the purchasing power of workers. There are more and more difficult situations and it is necessary to compensate for inflation in different ways. Large, medium and small companies have thought of different solutions.

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Here’s what they are:

  • Intesa San Paulo
  • Santana water
  • Brembo
  • Lapomar
  • RadiciGroup
  • atlas
  • else

Reward for expensive bills: the idea of ​​Intesa Sanpaolo and Acqua Sant’anna

Intesa San PauloFor example, since the end of July, it has agreed to pay an extraordinary sum of 500 euros for the benefit of the employees. There are 82,000 people, excluding those with high salaries, who will receive tangible support and economic assistance to meet the increases in food and energy prices.

The company also Acqua Sant’Anna SpA It decided to provide a monthly bonus to all of its employees. Other companies like Brembo decided to award an extraordinary bonus totaling 1,000 euros to each of its employees and Lapomar Which, also since May, has awarded a bonus of 700 euros to employees who have worked with them for at least six months.

The example of assistance from the company to employees is not only Italian. In fact, even in the rest of Europe, many companies and realities have decided to play their part. A concrete example is that Air FranceThe French airline decided to raise the salaries of its 38,000 full-time employees. This is a bonus of €1,000 that the company will pay to its employees starting next month, again with the stated purpose of fighting inflation and ensuring the purchasing power of employees.

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