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Climate outlook on stock exchanges in light of new sanctions against Russia, Milan closes unchanged (+ 0.05%)

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Stopping the hypothesis of Russian gas does not affect prices, but oil rises

In the past few hours, the idea of ​​banning the import of Russian gas has begun to spread more insistently among European leaders. A scenario for the time being not discounted much from the Amsterdam list, where the gas price is stable at €110.7 per megawatt-hour (-1.3%) while the assumptions of a Russian oil embargo are driving up. at barrel prices: West Texas Intermediate crude in May traded at $102.9 (+3.6%) and Brent crude in June at $107.5 (+3%). On foreign exchange interfaceFinally, the euro fell against the dollar at 1.0992 (from 1.1071 on Friday) and against the yen at 134.94 (from 135), while the dollar reached 122.74 yen (from 122.79), and the dollar / ruble exchange rate at 84.25 (-1.2%).

The stock market in Moscow rises and strengthens the ruble again

The Moscow Stock Exchange, where trading now takes place without significant restrictions until 18.50 (17.50 in Italy), starts the week. The benchmark ruble-denominated Moex rose 0.73% after the start of the day, which was up more than one point. The dollar-denominated RTS rose 0.6%. On the currency front, the ruble, which regained its strength in the previous octave both on the single currency and the dollar, is back up by 1.36% against the euro and by 1.17% against the dollar, after slightly opening the session. lowest. The euro/ruble exchange rate is 93.51 and the dollar/ruble exchange rate is 84.25.

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