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Paymax! Arriving at Disney+ June 29: The sequel to Big Hero 6

Paymax!  Arriving at Disney+ June 29: The sequel to Big Hero 6

The big ads related to the Disney+ video streaming platform continue. Next month, after the good things have been revealed in recent weeks, it will be Baymax’s turn!

Baymax!, 5/24/2022 –

If none of you have heard of this title before, it is a sequel to the animated movie Big Hero 6, Blockbuster, in the form of an animated television series. New animation will debut on Walt Disney’s next platform June 29 And in the last few hours tractor Who anticipated the official release, and also revealed the date.

BIG HERO 6, the new TV series “BAYMAX!” I am here. Details here

The ultimate protagonist of this long-awaited cartoon will be The hero of the famous robot novel Big Hero 6 (White to be clear), who will have to help the citizens of the fictional city called San Francisco, collisions between American San Francisco and Japanese Tokyo. Don Hall, The creator of the sequel commented on the great access: “Baymax! It will be divided into six episodes and in each of them the protagonist will try to help someone without in turn wanting to get help. Each time the bot will identify a physical problem and try to solve it, but during each episode, deeper feelings will grow It allows the hero to develop from different points of view.”

Next, Big Hero 6 receives a sequel eight years after its debut, given that the movie was released back in 2014. Bayamx, the universal nurse robot who… mellow looks like a giant puree, It was modified by the younger brother of its inventor, making it a great weapon for defeating crime. We’ve posted on this page the trailer for the new TV series we remember, which is coming out a little over a month later, next June 29th. We also point out that Big Hero 6 has already received a TV series, if you wish you can recover before watching the new series, read on “Big Hero 6: The Series”, It was produced and broadcast by Disney Television Animation, between 2017 and 2021. Finally, we would like to emphasize that the countdown has begun regarding the highly anticipated new TV series Star Wars, read Obi-Wan KenobiWhich will also premiere on Disney+ next Friday, May 27, 2022.

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