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Here is the new release date

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Members black Adam They’ll have to wait a little longer to see their favorite on screen: version Movie starring Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” In fact it was postponed again.

it is exactly the rock To announce it on Instagram, and expect “big and exciting news” in the post.

As you know, this year we have two huge and amazing releases from Seven Bucks Productions and DC Films. The first is Super Pets and the second is the only Black AdamThe actor said in the video, explaining this as well The animated film will now be released on July 29 in the US, in the slot previously reserved for Black Adam.

As for the film directed by Jaume Colette Serra, it will move into the fall:I know what you’re thinking… “Rock, but this was Black Adam’s date!”. But Now Black Adam will be released on October 21so you can see it right before Halloween and throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas“.

So it appears that it is a move aimed at giving against the hero played by Johnson the greatest possible chance, which is Warner Bros.which actually put him off again, but gave him one of the boxoffice’s most typically profitable slots.

Then we will find out if black Adam It was really worth the long wait (even for fans Black Adam is more expectant than Batman) Only next October.

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