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“My prosthetic suit deserves a place in the museum.”

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After the Toronto Film Festival announced Award Tribute by Brendan Fraser About his performance in The Whale a few days ago, the star of The Mummy told about his performance physical transformation for this difficult role.

On the pages of Vanity Fair, the actor entrusted his impressions and statements about the highly anticipated film by Darren Aronofsky, which will be presented at its world premiere in Venice Film Festival, September 4th. We’ll find Fraser as Charlie, a lonely obese teacher, with the sole goal of reconnecting in just 5 days, the relationship, now frayed, with his daughter played by young Sadie Sink.

Moreover, during the development of the project, he collaborated with Obesity Action Alliance To deepen the knowledge of different body models and to identify the prosthetic prosthesis” beautiful” And the ” Fascinating‘, so much so that she totally deserves it A seat at the Tate Modern in London. In fact, the director’s choice fell on the use of prosthetics similar to digital sculpture and 3D printing, trying to use CGI as little as possible. to realize Approximately 300 kg of “body” Aronofsky has benefited from a valuable collaboration with Adrien Morot, a digital makeup artist and already an Academy Award nominee in the past years.

With the role of facing a precise topicFraser had long been searching for a challenging and credible film to be able to return to the industry after years of absence. Then, during the interview, he added:I wanted to know what you were capable ofAnd the director himself had his say Obesity topic: “Unfortunately, many of the characters portrayed by the media as obese are treated terribly: humiliated, harassed, or simply living in misery. This was never Charlie. Obesity is only part of Charlie’s personality“.

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In addition to The Whale, here is a file A complete list of films in competition this year in Venice.

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