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Enrico Mancinelli was a great trade unionist from Fagnano, Canada

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Enrico Mancinelli was a great trade unionist from Fagnano, Canada. The epic continues with his son Joseph.

Henry Mancinelli He was born in a beautiful village Fagnano Alto (AQ), in Carbellino, in the heart of the Subequana Valley, on March 4, 1925, from a humble family. Immediately after the end of World War II, he finished high school and began his studies economy In Rome, he worked for a few years, also in the police. The turning point came in 1952, at the age of twenty-seven, when he decided to Immigrate to Canada, like many Abruzzese, often relatives and friends, called guarantees, already found work and hope for a good life there. Inserting Italian immigrants into an Anglo-Saxon country that saw only them was difficult at first. Manpower to exploit, over time, to support the growth of its economy. In particular, our fellow countrymen like Mancinelli flocked to the stateOntarioEspecially in the city Toronto. Here our policeman tried in vain to be recruited into the local organization of the forces of order (and decades later the head of the Red Coats, Giuliano Zaccardelli, and the head of intelligence, Luciano Bentenuto, all of Abruzzo origin, one might think), but left disappointed. Hamilton, already people from Abruzzo and Molise are increasingly involved in the construction industry. Here Enrico, after attending an English school, found his own roleHelp our immigrantsFirst to overcome this huge language barrier is to not only enter the Canadian world of work, but also exit it.Ketization“, in his company. We have already told about this difficult battle for liberation, which would later lead to the appearance of the children of that generation, who then established themselves in all fields, until they became federal ministers, precisely from the “Italian district” of Hamilton, with lawyers. Tony Valerie Before and now Philomena ratesHe was also elected Mayor in 2003 Larry Diani: All Abruzzo origins. Hard-won but steady victories for civil, political, and labor rights are thanks to the visionary action of unionists like these Henry MancinelliOver the decades, this has led him to climb the hierarchical ladder in an ever-stronger “union” (between the US and Canada): Luna.

Completing his studies in economics, made up of successes and professional qualifications, but also an unobstructed career that finds line and co-management. union In the same development of companies, pension funds were born for its workers already in the early 70s. For this reason, Mancinelli’s responsibilities, from local until his election, became increasingly national. Vice-President of the International Labor Union, throughout North America. During these fruitful years, the fruits of hard sacrifices were thus reaped, combined with the strength of the large number of members represented in the Central and Eastern regions of the Federation. From there, many goals followed, becoming increasingly ambitious in protecting workers’ conditions and safety (along with the minimum wage, now raised to $14.35 an hour in Ontario), as well as witnessing many awards and honors received from Henry Mancinelli. Donations and philanthropic work were supported until his death on September 10, 2006 at the age of eighty-one. Always in his beloved Hamilton, he leaves behind his wife Rosa Nori and his three children (Giuseppe, Anna and Cristina) and 13. grandchildren. A A great legacyNot only in his own family, but in all of Abruzzo, he felt deeply, and since then his eldest son Joseph (born in 1957) remembered and admired him for the legacy he had collected, who always elevated his work. Inside the same LUNA (Labor International Union of North America). At Union Builders, he became vice-president and general manager, Canada. An action that consolidated the path of the fathers, always with the improved protection of its members, but started a new frontier of “public-private partnerships” supporting the most vulnerable subjects, from the poor to the disabled. Donations to hospitals like “ST”. J. Healthcare” of Hamilton. A more worthy project Feed and educate 250,000 needy children, throughout the great country, now so rich, but so unequal, that after welcoming the settlers, it had to deal with the same inheritance as the natives . For this reason, the proposal made by Joseph Mancinelli in the name of his father Enrico, to set up a chair funded by Leuna, in the Faculty of Social Sciences, in the “Mc Master”, to study “global work”, with a donation of one million dollars entitles Enrico Henry Mancinelli to the Research Chair. is his motto of wisdom “Feel the Power”With a hint of yes to concrete achievements, but always with a Christian spirit of service to others.

Enrico Mancinelli

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