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Beijing does not look like a peace plan. More ammunition immediately in Kiev »-

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From our correspondent
Brussels – «The European Union showed its strength, and responded in a firm manner by assuming its responsibilities in the face of the war waged by Russia. In Ukraine, demonstrating full support for Kiev. It wasn’t clear. Stefano Sannino, Secretary General of the European External Action Service (European Union Foreign Ministry)also refers to “the complexities that the European Union has to face for each of the various sensitivities and economic impact. But what has emerged is a union more aware of its capabilities, the will to control its destiny and the willingness to pay the price of security ». The war marked a turning point: for the first time, the countries of the European Union supplied weapons to a third country in conflict.

The UN General Assembly approved the resolution of Russia’s unconditional withdrawal and just peace, which does not coincide with Zelensky’s plan.
 “We have always given full political support to Zelensky’s peace plan, but we also understood with Kiev the need to find a broad formula to put it to vote that is not limited to the conflict, but has a dimension capable of expressing concern over unilateral measures that violate the territorial integrity of a country and that conflict with With the principles of the Charter of the United Nations to assemble a greater consensus ».

The war reaffirmed the centrality of NATO and the United States. Is the “strategic compass” obsolete?
“It would be a huge mistake to think that the security of the European continent does not pass through NATO or a strong alliance with the United States. And let’s not forget that 21 countries of the European Union – and hopefully 23 soon when Sweden and Finland join – are part of it. The European Union was not conceived and structured as a military alliance, but it can and does make an essential contribution to global security. Work with the “Strategic Compass” began to go in this direction, to the issue of the European Union and to provide security in a broader sense ».

“The war is being fought not only in weapons but also in combating disinformation and cyberattacks, diversifying energy and reducing critical dependencies.”

After Kiev, Biden went to Warsaw, not to Brussels. Is it a presentation of the limits of the European Union in foreign policy, in the absence of a single interlocutor?
It is an acknowledgment of Poland’s special role and commitment to this war. It has taken in millions of refugees. Most of the weapons destined for Kiev pass through there. We keep comparing the United States and the European Union as if they were two homogeneous identities, but they are not. The United States is a federal state with a government and a president. The European Union is a union of 27 sovereign states, 27 heads of state and a government that is governed by a balance between its various institutions.

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Did the war change the balance of the European Union east?
Countries that found themselves on the front lines received increasing attention and expressed concerns not only about what was happening in Ukraine but also about the possible consequences for their countries. As President Ursula von der Leyen said: “We haven’t listened to them enough.”

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