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Oppenheimer, great news about the movie! Christopher Nolan can now aim for an amazing new goal

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One of the biggest successes of the year is the willingness to return as the protagonist: let’s talk about it Oppenheimerthe Biographical film of Christopher Nolan who made a splash over the summer, churning out record after record and struggling to keep at it Barbie For the title of the highest-grossing film of the year. It now seems that the director’s latest efforts are over, but the latest news may change things in his favor.

In fact, as reported by foreign sources. Oppenheimer It will return to IMAX theaters For a new special edition. Although a little more than three months have passed, the cinema circles have decided to show it again in many prestigious theaters around the world: from Hollywood to London, via San Francisco and Melbourne, the public will be able to watch the biopic again. Starring Cillian Murphy 70mm size on the best screens in the world.

Reapply immediately Oppenheimer In cinema it can give a film a decisive push to reach another amazing goal: with $946 million The film has been a box office hit worldwide, and is already the most profitable biopic in the history of cinema, but now Christopher Nolan can… Aiming to cross the billion mark. For him it will be the third time after that The Dark Knight And The Dark Knight RisesBut the difference is very small Oppenheimer It may even reach them.

However, other podium positions this year are hard to beat: Barbie It leads strongly with nearly 1.5 billion in revenue, while it ranks second Super Mario Bros – The MovieWith $1.36 billion in theaters last spring. Obviously, these are results that should be analyzed differently: for a three-hour historical drama OppenheimerCrossing the nine-zero threshold would enhance its already impressive success. To achieve that, it will have to outperform the IMAX box office Wondersthe new MCU movie will be released in the next few days.

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