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In San Leonardo a new headquarters for InDifesa Space Consult me

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Spazio indivesa Consultami in Parma has opened its new headquarters located in Via Cherchi 1 / a.

Launched in 2020 thanks to the collaboration between the Terre des Hommes Foundation and Intesa San Martino, today it finds a new home in the heart of the San Leonardo area, dedicated to girls, boys, women and families in need of support and assistance.

The project is dedicated to the memory of Roberta Venturini, the wife of Pasquale Leon Gelemi and was also made possible thanks to the contribution of the Cariparma Foundation.

For two years, thanks to a multidisciplinary team, Spazio indivesa Consultami has provided a listening office, legal advice, psychological, psychosocial, parenting support activities to overcome emotional difficulties, problems related to economic hardship and, last but not least, to manage the trauma, anxiety and embarrassment that has occurred in the past two years due to Covid19.

With the new, wider and more usable space, the meter will increase its capacity to ensure a greater offer of service aimed at all those who need support at a delicate moment in life.

says Annalisa Rosina, the new president of Intesa San Martino, an association that has actively supported the project since its inception. “This occasion is useful for making all the tools and functions of the abacus known, so that more and more children, women and families with difficulties, know that we are ready to listen, welcome and support them.”

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“Today is one of those moments when we look back to take note of what has been accomplished and build with a look to the future,” says Nicole de Simon, psychologist and coordinator of Buffer Space. “In these two years, we have helped many people, providing listening, psychological and legal support, organizing in-school workshops and meeting many families even if they just want an in-depth consultation and study.”

“It is good to be here today and to see the defenseless space grow. Consult me. The two years we have lived have exposed many vulnerabilities within families and exposed the most vulnerable people, boys, girls and women, to the risk of violence,” says Paulo Ferrara, General Manager of Terre des Homes.

“The data on violence against minors, which we presented in the 2022 dossier, confirm this situation and once again encourage us to reach out to activate concrete responses in terms of preventing and combating violence. The Consultami space is an example of how valuable it is to collaborate with associations in the region to offer listening and protection to those who face difficulties.”

Consultami is in fact part of the Bare Rural and the commitment Terre des Hommes shares with partners and the reality of the Territory to protect girls, girls and young women from violence and gender discrimination.

Also this year, the data presented in the isolation file confirms the extent to which girls and girls are more at risk of suffering violence and abuse, in Italy in 2021 more than 6000 child victims of crime (a disappointing record for our country) 64% were girls and boys. Even at the regional level, the prevalence of female victims in Emilia-Romagna is still 787 girls and 63% the proportions increase when looking at data on sexual violence with 155 cases of which 135 are girls and girls.

About Terre des Hommes
Since 1960, Terre des Hommes has been at the forefront of protecting children around the world from violence, abuse and exploitation and ensuring school, informal education, medical care and food for every child, without any religious, racial, political or gender discrimination.
The Terre des Hommes Italia Foundation is part of the International Terre des Hommes Consortium, works in partnership with the EU DG ECHO and is accredited by the European Union, the United Nations, the USAID and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Terre des Hommes Italia was founded in 1989 as an association and became a foundation in 1994. In 2021 it worked in 21 countries, including Italy, with 146 projects directly benefiting nearly a million boys and girls with their families. The social report can be downloaded here.

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