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Some toilet paper brands are destroying Canada’s forests

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To meet the demand Toilet paper Big brands are harmful Forests of Canada. A report from Natural Resources Conservation Council. Comparison between various related parameters Consistency The procedures made it possible to evaluate the work of different organizations and assign one to each Assessment. The results show the gods Progress But they appear Unsatisfied.

A report on toilet paper and forests

Report Tissue Issue 2022 NRTC draft shows how toilet paper production is destroying forests in Canada Experts analyzed the data related to 142 institutions In this sector, 60 people are specialized in toilet paper production and 82 people are also active in manufacturing. Napkins And tissues. Report submitted by A classification It aims to reward greater attention to the environment and sustainability. How much material is estimated Recycled And how many threads Virgins Includes finished products with environmental impact of processes Whitening. there FSC certification For articles made with fibers that played a major role and those that did not, it was investigated whether these came from Primary forests.

Toilet paper brands that destroy forests

The NRDC report paints a clearer picture. Although some companies have made progress in this regard Consistency, this is not enough. Companies that have received one A+ There are only 17 people who have received one TO. At the top of the rankings we see Green forest, natural value, Trader Joe’s And 365 Daily Value 100% recycled. F’s are not falling. Among the major US toilet paper makers that have received this rating are, among others, Cottonseed, B&G And Amazon Basics. While many brands They are obliged These remain intact to deliver 100% recycled products blocked Focus on products made entirely of fibers from the past and from virgin forests. This often happens despite requests Consumers.

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Protect forests

Curbing toilet paper production, which threatens Canada’s forests, appears to be a priority. New companies standing up Investment The trend is about to change, but now we look forward to the steps forward Big Reality. See also P&G proposes to test a product made from bamboo fibers, according to the NRDC. projects Not enough for a long period of time for large scale sales. Boreal forests make up 30-40% Carbon landscape and protected within them 300 billion Tons of this stuff. Therefore, they are a fundamental ally in the fight against Climate change And it forms the basis of many people’s lives Tribal communities.

Think a commodity as essential as toilet paper could be a threat to Canada’s forests. Restless. Each year an Italian consumes an average of 70 rolls For this product, a weight of approx 8.3 kg. At the same time interval 4,000 km2 Kanni Borial forests are being destroyed. NRDC’s Jennifer Schein calls the link between consumption and deforestation a “.Climate crime“.

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