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2022 Ice Hockey Italy Heads Up Internationally. Tresino is always on top.

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They deal with the 2022 stats in which the leaps forward of the Italian national teams stand out

Trissino is confirmed as an ‘all-in’ team in this 2022 year that will remain forever in its 61-year history. Throwing out defeat in the Italian Cup (which Sarzana later won) in a few months he won the Euroleague, the Scudetto and the Supercoppa Italiana, missing the Grand Slam with the Continental Cup. An amazing year with 70 points in 29 games played. , net 8 matches won out of 9 qualifying matches won to which the two must be added in the Italian Super Cup, for a total of 33 wins, 1 draw and 6 defeats and a win rate of 82.5%. One of the largest fields in recent history, comparable only recently to Follonica degli “Immarcabili” and “Great” Novara. In second place by just six lengths is Amatori Lodi, with only 64 points in the regular season, against 52 points for the third from Tuscany Forte dei Marmi and Follonica, 48 for Bassano and 46 from Valdagno and Grosseto. In the 29 regular season games played, Tresino’s best offense was against Lodi (208 against 128), while Forte dei Marmi had the best defense, 70 against Lodi’s 80 and Tresino’s 88.
Sarzana was the only team to win a trophy in the field of Tresino, the Coppa Italia.

In terms of players, the best bomber 2021/2022 Jordi Mendes from Lodi has been surpassed in this second part of the year by his teammate Julio Cocco, 53 goals against 48. Staccati Malagoli 42 and Ambrosio 31. Minus (the difference between the attendance on track day when the team scores a goal and the attendance On the track when the team concedes a goal) Valdanesi scores under Trecino an impressive +75 against Malagoli +45 and the best in direct shots is Gastón de Oro (Valdagno and Grosseto) with 50% goals scored, while in terms of penalties there are three players who did not miss Never, and they are Di Oro, Ambrosio and Tamburindigue.
Overtaking also among goalkeepers in the calendar year 2022. If Stefano Zampoli was the best goalkeeper in the last tournament, then at the annual level it was Riccardo Gnata of Forte dei Marmi with an average number of goals conceded (in 29 matches in the regular season) equal to 2.31 vs. 2.43 from Grimalt, 2.63 from Zampoli and 2.89 from Sgaria.
The under-23 player of the year was confirmed by Francesco Panini (Folonica) even if the other boys in the second part of the year stepped up, starting with Morgan Antonioni and Oscar Buonarelli, the top three players this year.

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Thus ends the year 2022 in which Italy returned to raise its head on the international scene, with two teams that qualified in the Euroleague Final Four, two in the Ski World Cup in Europe, and won three (the Euroleague, the World Cup, and the Continental Cup). by two teams (Tresino and Follonica) one with Tresino won.
2022 is also a special year for the Italian national ice hockey teams because the top three teams managed to enter the top four teams in the world at the last World Championships in San Juan. A world silver never achieved for an under-19 side, followed by four European bronze medals in 2021 and, most recently, won by Portugal under-17s Noia 2022.

Giulio Cocco and Trecino – Photo credit: Elisa Ersjo

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