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No VAX, Protests Around the World / Chaos Conflicts in Canada, France: Fear in Paris

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The flaws continue unabated No Vox All over the world. As we told you, it is one of the “hottest” countries in the world Canada. According to local newspapers, police have begun removing lorries and cars that have been blocking the Ambassador International Bridge connecting the country to the United States for several days. There is still a lot of work to be done considering that hundreds of protesters are active during these hours.

No Vox is another hot front of protests France. According to Le Monde, authorities took to the field to disperse the so-called “convoy of liberties” protesters who had reached the center of Paris. Recorded fights between No Vox and law enforcement, especially in the Champs-Elysées area. So far 14 people have been arrested and 337 have been released. Tensions are also reported in Italy. (MP update)

There are no Vox protests around the world

The Vox has no objections All over the world. After entering CanadaNow the “freedom convoy” protest, or the truckers’ struggle against itVaccination dutyDisables everything United States. To say no to the mandatory vaccination against Govt-19, the trucks blocked at least two access crossings: one between Ontario and Detroit and one between Alberta and the state of Montana. In this way, the flow of people and goods was put at risk, especially with the negative effects on the automotive industry in Michigan.

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As a result of the struggles, Ford and Toyota They announced a temporary closure. As well as the team Stellandis, Fiat controls Chrysler, announced production delays in Ontario: parts missing. So, in Canada, we see a real freeze on trade, which, according to initial estimates, is causing something. Loss of about $ 300 million per day.

The example of the city of Ottawa has been followed in many. The No Vox The most important border crossing between Canada and the United States was banned: the “People’s Conway” was organized there, followed by a convoy of heavy vehicles on May 4th. California. The group will then travel to Washington: the organization of the event is already underway. Ottawa Police have issued a statement threatening arrest: “It is an offense to interfere, interfere or interfere with the legal use of the property. You must immediately stop this illegal activity or you will be arrested.”

There are no Vaux protests in New Zealand and Europe

Not just Canada: Inside New Zealand The situation is very similar. The No VoxAgainst duty, they presented themselves in front of the Congress building in Wellington. Here were some clashes between No Vox and the police During a garrison evacuation in front of Parliament: There are more than 50 arrests. After a three-day siege, police decided to intervene. The situation is not even better in Europe: in Paris, the government has banned the demonstration of trucks and cars seeking to block the French capital. They recalled that from Elise, traffic congestion could result in imprisonment for up to two years, a fine of ,500 4,500, confiscation of the vehicle, halving of license points and suspension for up to three years. Protesters face up to six months in prison and a fine of up to ,500 7,500 and a fine of 135.

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However, some convoys have already departed from Nice, Bayonne and Perpignan. Some no-vox and no-pass opponents are aiming to come Brussels It is the same way though Event Prohibited. Austria has also banned “Independent Convoys” demonstrations scheduled for Saturday, inspired by Canadian protests.

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