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Canada and Germany were eliminated, while Australia stopped Belgium

Canada and Germany were eliminated, while Australia stopped Belgium

The second day of the Billy Jean King Cup finals in Prague.

Judgments will come first. In Division A, Russia beat Canada 3-0 to knock out the North Americans. Tomorrow will be a decisive challenge against France, with the Russians only needing one point to reach the semi-finals.

Australia beat Belgium in Group B And he could qualify for the semifinals with the Belarus team the next day.

Slovakia bounced back after their defeat to Spain in Group C. Surprisingly defeated the United States (those who missed the match point in the Super Double Die Break). Spain-America Tomorrow, a group that really does not understand.

In Group D, Switzerland eliminates Germany (Already defeated by the Czech Republic on the first day) and will face the hosts in a real play-off match on Thursday, November 4th.

Let’s take a look at today’s challenges and the rankings of the various groups

Group a

Russia-Canada 3-0

D. Kasatkina b. C. Zhao 6-3 6-1

A. Pavlyuchenkova b. R. Marino 6-4 4-6 6-2

V. Gutermetova / L. Samsonova b. G. Dabrowski / R. Marino 6-3 6-1

Canada has already made many achievements by defeating defending champions France. But today, against a strong Russian team, the North American tennis players were able to do very little.

In the first singular Pavliuchenkova left junk food for the unfortunate Zhao., Service 6-3 6-1. Rebecca Marino tried the miracle in the second singles division. Canada’s number 6-4 4-6 6-2 to avoid defeat in all three sets by Daria Kasatkina. 1 player did what he could. Even the twins who allowed the mathematical removal of Canadians from the competition without history. For the record, Samsonova and Gutermedova won 6-3 6-1 against Dabrowski and Marino.

The 3rd day decides who will advance to the Russia-France semi-final, but the Russians only need one point to hit the target.

Group A ranking

Russia 1-0 3-0

Canada 1-1 2-4

France 0-1 1-2

Group B

Australia-Belgium 2-1

D. Gavrilova b. G. Electron 6-4 1-6 6-4

S. Sanders b. e. Mertens 3-6 7-6 (5) 6-0

E. Mertens / G. Electronic b. E. Perez / S. Sanders 6-2 6-4

Belgium seemed to have made their way to the semifinals Instead Eliza Mertens and her comrades submit to Australia and compromise everything. Unexpected defeat is a big chance for the Australians to qualify for the semi-finals, even if the team led by Alicia Molick inevitably beats Belarus.

The first singular is Daria Gavrilova (Today’s ranking number is 414) Super Greta Lightning in three sets, Very uninterrupted in today’s match. The Australian won 6-4 1-6 6-4 and sent the baton to Storm Sanders facing the quoted Mertens.

Belgium won the first set 6-3 without a problem, but then started to falter and wasted important chances. In the second set Mertens scored two points from the win, but Sanders was very adept at raising the tiebreak to 7-5, in which his opponent had never been in the game. At this point, the strongest player is expected to emerge from the battle, instead Mertens will collapse and give the green light to the talented Sanders, thus ending the match. The Australians leave the double point to Belgium 2-0 and begin to focus on Belarus. If they win, the Australians will advance to the semifinals.

Group B Rankings

Australia 1-0 2-1

Belgium 1-1 3-3

Belarus 0-1 1-2

Group c

Slovakia-USA 2-1

V. Kuzmova b. S. Rogers 6-4 6-4

D. Collins b. A. K. Smitlov 6-3 6-2

D. Mihalikova / V. Kuzmova b. C. Tollide / c. Wandeway 6-2 6-7 (5) 12-10

Against the brink of the abyss and contradictions, Slovakia has minimal confidence that it can overtake the United States and still qualify for the semifinals. It all depends on the unrelenting Carla Suarez Navarro challenge between the United States and Spain. A Spanish victory will allow the Iberians to arrive in the top four, while an American victory will use Set Gossian to determine who wins in the group.

The challenge starts upwards for Americans. Shelby Rogers, who was last called up after the defeat of Jessica Begula, surrendered without particular opposition to the determined Victoria Kuzmova. In both sets the American goes ahead with a break before his opponent’s comeback, which he won with a double 6-4.

But Daniel Collins thinks to equalize the fate of the match. Against Anna-Carolina Schmitlova, the American athlete dominated from start to finish and ended the match with a speech score of 6-2 6-3.

Becomes double resolution. On the one hand were Kuzmova and Mihalikova, who were seen on the field yesterday against Spain, and on the other hand Caroline Tollide and Coco Vondeveke. The Americans on paper will be favorites but in the first set they will not be able to continue with the Slovak rhythm. So Mihalikova and Kuzmova easily pushed themselves 6-2. The Slovakians start off strong even in the second set, but Tolihite and Vandeweihe find themselves magically under 1-3. The American couple catches their opponents, and from that moment a new game begins. The American pair stretches 5-2, and then we arrive at the tiebreak that ends 7-5. We go to the Super Die Break where all the colors happen. The Slovaks stretched 4-1 and then 8-4, the Americans did not match and recovered from 4-8 to 8-8. The Slovakians have a non-exploitative match point at 9-8, which was canceled by Vandeweghe first. The Americans got the match point at 10-9, and it was canceled by Kuzmova’s strong first thanks. The situation is reversed, 11-10 Slovak and second match point. The exchange under the net won by the Slovakians could be happy, with the Americans postponing the challenge with Spain from inside or outside.

Group C Rankings

Spain 1-0 2-1

Slovakia 1-1 3-3

USA 0-1 1-2

Group d

Switzerland-Germany 3-0

V. Colic b. A. Petkovic 6-4 7-6 (5)

B. Bensick b. A. Gerber 5-7 6-2 6-2

V. Colic / J. Teachman b. AL FREETSOM / N. Shank 6-2 6-2

Following the Czech Republic, Switzerland defeats Germany and certifies their elimination. Determining who will qualify for the semifinals will be a challenge between the Swiss and the hosts.

Vigoria started like a rocket against Colombic Andrea Petkovic and immediately advanced to 4-0. It ends 6-4 after losing a break advantage. The second set is very balanced. Petkovic wasted 4 break points 4-3 and 3 set points 5-4. He blames the German setback and gives the green light to Colby, who finished the second set 7-5.

As of yesterday, it is up to Gerber to bring the German national team back into the draw. But this time in front of us is Belinda Bensik and the company is not so easy. The best balance in the first set was played at the highest level. Gerber canceled out three break points 5-5, but twelfth Camille broke Bencik’s serve and took home the first set.

However, the German tennis player seems to have run out of petrol and Benzick uses it without hesitation. A double has been a 6-2 elevator and the challenge has already ended 2-0. The doubles play-off match with the hosts of the Czech Republic will end on November 4 in Switzerland.

Group D Ranking

Switzerland 1-0 3-0

R. Seca 1-0 2-1

Germany 0-2 1-5


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