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Ukraine, Mubasher-Kyiv limits electricity after Russian raids. Moscow opens a meeting between Putin and Biden in the Group of Twenty. Medvedev: “Long-range missiles are a world war”

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Kyiv: “Northern Chernihiv region without electricity”

The power line that supplied the northern part of the Chernihiv region of Ukraine was cut off this evening, leaving some settlements without electricity. This was announced by the head of the Chernihiv regional administration, Vyacheslav Chaus, citing Ukrainska Pravda. “Today at 18.50 the line supplying the northern part of the region was cut. The same source said that some settlements in Chernihiv, Koryukiv and Novgorod-Seversky districts have no electricity.

Biden: “Putin is a reasonable person who miscalculated”

“Putin is a rational person who made a big mistake in his calculations.” This was stated by US President, Joe Biden, in an exclusive interview with CNN that will be broadcast at 9 pm local time, 3 am in Italy.

Musk: The last time I spoke to Putin was 18 months ago

“It is not. I only spoke to Putin once and it happened about 18 months ago. When we talked about space.” So on Twitter Elon Musk, in a post in which the billionaire founder of Tesla denied the news that he was going to talk directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin before he proposed to the social network his peace plan for Ukraine, which provides for the transfer of territory to Fly.

“About 30% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been hit by Russian missiles since Monday”.

About 30% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been hit by Russian missiles since Monday. Today, Ukraine’s Energy Minister told CNN Hermann HalushenkoHe explained that this is the “first time since the beginning of the war” that Russia is “targeting” energy infrastructure. According to the minister, one of the reasons is related to Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe, which “helps European countries to provide Russian gas and coal,” adding that Ukraine is trying to “quickly reconnect from other sources.” On Monday, the Ukrainian government urged people across the country to “reduce” their energy consumption. Asked if Ukraine would get additional energy from Europe, Halyushenko said that was “one of the options on the table”. Then the minister said that Ukraine’s energy system “remains stable”, but invited partners to provide it Air protection systems that can help us protect our infrastructure.

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Kyiv: “78 bodies, including children, were exhumed in the Donetsk region”

A total of 78 bodies of residents, including children, were exhumed in Svyatohersk and Lyman, Donetsk region, liberated by the Russian invaders. Ukrinform reports this, explaining that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office announced it on Telegram, Ukrinform reports. From October 4-10, 2022, an investigative and judicial team examined cities such as Svyatohersk and Lyman, liberated by Russian forces, and discovered the burial places of local residents, Ukrinform reports.

Zelensky: Russia has ordered 2,400 Shahed kamikaze planes from Iran

Russia has ordered 2,400 Shahid kamikaze drones from Iran. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his speech on a video link with the leaders of the Group of Seven. In recent days, Kyiv has reported that it has destroyed about a thousand since the start of the conflict.

Borrell: “We must continue to help Ukraine and at the same time avoid escalation”

We must continue to help Ukraine and at the same time avoid escalation.” EU High Representative Josep Borrell stated on the sidelines of the award ceremony at the Fondacion Carlos de Amberes in Madrid. The High Representative then stressed that “there is no good news from Ukraine.” We are witnessing constant bombing of the civilian population,” “Putin brings death” to cities that seemed safe, “Rain of missiles” in progress “indiscriminately hitting cities.”

France strengthens its military presence in Eastern Europe

France is strengthening its military presence in Eastern Europe. This was announced at a hearing before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Defense Minister Sebastien Licornu, who spoke specifically about strengthening the units in Romaniaon the borderUkraine. BFM-TV learned this from the Ministry of Defense. In particular, the French unit was enriched by a reinforced company of armored infantry fighting vehicles in Romania, a squadron of Leclerc tanks, the Rafale for sky defense in Lutuania, and a light infantry company in Estonia. The decision was made by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel MacronAt the suggestion of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

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Bulgaria: “A truck exploded on the Kerch bridge and it didn’t come from here”

The Bulgarian government has completely ruled out the possibility that the truck that exploded on Saturday on the Kerch bridge, which links Crimea with Russia, came from Bulgaria. “We will not, under any circumstances, allow the name of our country to be associated with any involvement in the explosion,” Sofia’s government said. Russian officials claimed that the massive explosion that damaged the bridge on October 8 was an act of “terror” organized by Ukrainian intelligence services and involving several countries, including Bulgaria.

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