Home sport “Young people fall in love with football”

“Young people fall in love with football”

“Young people fall in love with football”

Salernitana President Ervolino comments on the grenade project and what needs to be done to preserve the future of football.



• Reading time: 2 minutes

Reading time: 2 minutes

(Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

head Salerno Danilo Irvolino talk to free subordinate His new club and the future of football.

Irvolino’s words

The bomb project and also on the hypothesis of concrete landing:

“Our project, aside from redemption, is a long-term project. I think more value can be extracted from the world of football. Italy should not earn less money from television rights than not only England, but also Germany, Spain and France. financial resources? Funding should be changed or bad habits should not be funded. I’ve found a contentious environment in which character prevails despite loneliness.”

Football future:

With the post-Covid crisis, if we don’t rush decisions, there will be a natural choice. Young people also break up with love. All data says so. The new generations ignore football. We must focus on the quality of our offer and on new technologies. I’m thinking about the possibility for fans to actually train with their artists, to interact with the coach or to receive personal compliments. When I decide to invest, I look at the technological potential of what I get. And I think in football as in publishing, there is still a lot unexplored.”


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