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Giovinko: “Insina? You live well in Canada, some trains only pass once”

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In Sky Sport. “However, my situation was different: I was on the edge of the zoo, he was the captain of Napoli. I went to Canada and lost the national team.”

Sebastian GiovinkoA former Toronto footballer, gave a lengthy interview (and video) after speaking with Courier Dello Sport. Sky Sport Lorenzo Insane has received a rich offer in recent weeks regarding the possibility of being able to wear the Canadian club jersey from June.

Here are his words from the satellite broadcaster’s website.

Toronto is a beautiful city, life is great. We decided to stay here with my family. As for Lorenzo, my situation is different. By the time I was by Zhou’s side, he was captain of Napoli.

The offer is economically very strong

Statistics? My proposal has arrived and there was a lot of money. It was said to be a scary figure, but when it came it was not. I explain: There are many lines here in the United States, the number is not net. Beyond that it is an experience I will repeat. His offer? It depends on how it looks. I repeat, when I chose it, I only knew then that the figure would be different.

Is there a risk of getting off the radar?

Having won the European Championship and has a good relationship with the national team, I hope Lorenzo will not leave the radar. I’m talking about my experience, I got a little out of it because I went there. But maybe it won’t happen to him and he won’t risk the national team.

How is football in the United States?

There were important names when I went, and now – for viral reasons – the size of the samples has dwindled. If you buy Lorenzo it will change again. But real football is another.

What about the Toronto property?

Not many people have been in the stadium lately and they definitely want to change things. There is a large Italian community there. People ask that. Structures? They are the best, I say again: I will choose again. These are the experiences I recommend. Facilities are OK, fields are fine. In recent years, football has lost a lot there. The stadium was once overcrowded and I have seen very few people in the last few years. The following fell.

How are the fans in America?

Fans? Very quiet, he loves the show. No fuss about the decision to be in Italy. The experience is phenomenal.

Final tip for insignia

Is it okay to go? The train will pass only once. But I do not want to say that he should leave Naples. I repeat: circumstances are different, I do not play in the zoo, he is the captain of Napoli. That is a different situation. The only advice I can give is that you live well here beyond money. More importantly, it is useless to cover it up.

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