Home sport ‘Thank you Marcelo’, Leeds fans buy Bielsa – Soccer page

‘Thank you Marcelo’, Leeds fans buy Bielsa – Soccer page

‘Thank you Marcelo’, Leeds fans buy Bielsa – Soccer page

(ANSA) – Buenos Aires, April 16 – Marcelo Bielsa was sacked from Leeds in February, but he remains in the hearts of fans of the team that brought El Loco back to the Premier League, after years of anonymity in the tournament. . So now to thank him for what he has done for them, a group of Leeds supporters has bought an ad page for ‘La Capital’, the main newspaper in Rosario, the city where Bielsa is from, to print a long letter to a former coach of their team, containing sentiments that go beyond football.

So, under the bright black “Thank you Marcelo,” these people wrote like this: “We stopped in the sun in August 2018, intrigued by a kick we didn’t think was possible, and tried something again. I remembered that football can be beautiful and that the team He can be stronger than his sum total. And you have given us so much more than football. You have guided us through the pandemic and brought us together when we were all missing out. You showed us that integrity and a matter of decency, through thick and thin. You accepted our fears and turned our despair into hope, And our footballers into heroes. She gave us back our pride, gave us joy and created precious memories that will last a lifetime. That was good, Marcelo, and always will be.” (handle).

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