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Nails – diagnosis of love

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A disturbing scenario, in which love is either confirmed by a test or not. An AppleTv+ original romantic drama, Fingernails is the English-language debut of Greek director Christos Nikou, starring Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed. Review by Mauro Donzelli.

In a world just like ours, only grayer and duller in color and with an abundance of analog devices and aesthetic references to a vaguely dusty past, Science steps in to decide when we experience true love. Convenience, less thought? Many people think so, because they are used to it Measure pair closeness as a percentage. But the difference, compared to some quizzes in teen magazines, is that it’s taken very seriously here. 100% and plan a life together, 0% goodbye without second thoughts. Then there will be the worst of all, as a result, the one that has fueled entire strands of literature and cinema: the 50%, when only one of the two is in love. The result is one-way suffering, and farewell as well.

The nail is sacrificed to love, as if it were a rib, to submit to a knowing response that eliminates the risk, surprise, and unexpected excitement that constitute the nature of romantic gambling. It feeds, in a way, the current trend of Canceling the engagement processThat mysterious dance of questionable response that makes falling in love constant over the centuries. In the world of nails – the diagnosis of love is replaced by gentle endorsement or some other kind of microwave. A social, functional charter for the development of community relations, without room for feelings. Or at least that’s the risk. A melancholic, sober and restrained sci-fi context that references the previous – and landmark – film adaptation Christos Niko, applesIn which he talked about regaining his memory after global amnesia. If, in this case, science intervenes in people’s intimate lives to reconstruct an experience, including the most painful memories – since the film actually tells the story of mourning processing – Fingernalis posits the intervention of testing to build, shared memory, and guide the creation of couples and thus families.

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The first English-language film by Lanthimos’ one-time collaborator Nico, who is directing it Jesse Buckley, Jeremy Allen White (TV series Bear) e Riz Ahmed in A love story redolent of a triangle, in the context described here unthinkable, or rather “scientifically impossible.”. Because Anna, a few years after a positive positive test with her boyfriend Ryan, with whom she has a zero-sum routine, begins to think that maybe her feelings are taking a different direction than the one imposed by the test. Health anxiety, always without exaggeration, drives her to accept the job offer Love InstituteA place to prepare and train for the fateful test for couples hoping to find their soul mate.

In her own way, with secrecy and many small lip bites, eyes shining in frantic movement and other symptoms of love sickness, she will realize that perhaps Nick is not the one making her heart beat. At least not as much as his new colleague Amir, a caring and shy person who secretly searches for less scientific evidence than he works with every day about what it means to fall in love. Nails are a love story without decorations and pastel colors, feelings of sadness and fragility. You love them and are moved by them, with the advantage of approaching the amorous senses from a different point of view and with heroes to whom you would like to give a pat on the cheek and an encouraging hug..

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