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You can’t judge a fish by how it saves the universe. Review of the new MCU movie

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According to a famous quote incorrectly attributed to Nobel laureate in physics Albert Einstein: “Everyone is a genius. but, If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a treeHe will spend his whole life I think I’m stupid». A useful principle to talk about Wondersthe new chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe It arrived in theaters On November 8, 2023.

Its release, to put it mildly, was not particularly expected: according to part of Popular sentiments And social media would have been a less-than-minimum new product for the House of Ideas, further underscoring the crisis that for several years has seemed to be affecting the entire world of comic films, which for three decades has been the absolute champion in box office receipts and is now a daunting one. In search of a new balance. Wonders But it is Far from being called a “declared disaster” which was previously placed on it.

The new adventure has a female protagonist Brie Larson as Carol Danversheroin dose dropper even in Avengers: Endgame Because his qualities are character traits get overAble to resolve thorny situations thanks to almost divine skills. To balance things out, here we find her dealing with a quantum entanglement that entangles her powers with those of her niece Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris, from WandaVision) And with the young woman Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani).

All this is due to a series of problems in the fabric and behavior of space-time Dar Ben (Zawi Ashton)a new Kree Empress is in search From the strength of the sleeve supports, needed to restore the luster and splendor of their home planet, Hala. To carry out his plans, he targets the planets and peoples dear to Carol Danvers Take revenge on the Ravager of the Kree Empire. So she must learn how to finally cooperate to save the universe.

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There is nothing in Wonders This makes it particularly vulnerable to criticism, if not the production context in which the film is set Directed by Nia DaCosta, the shortest in the entire history of the MCU at an impressive 105 minutes. Leave aside Criticism incel style For those who consider a film starring three heroines a personal affront, the result of imaginary “political correctness,” the main problems behind the poor reception are two: there Superhero exhaustion And mentioned Avengers: Endgame.

The first is a fact supported not only by buzz Social media, but also through recent box office results and above all through the studios’ strategy regarding expanding their universe. the A cinematic marveleven in 2021 it is considered a true cinematic event It entered homes thanks to the spread of many television series Who, as is natural, were able to rely on a smaller budget and means. the different WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, hook, The same Ms. Marvel, Strong woman Etc. It was certainly a good tragedy during the pandemic, but it was so at the same time “Normalizing” the use of products associated with these imagesWhich also gives a sense of the general poverty of the stories and special effects. TV series have become essential to the whole picture, however The overall experience of the room was lost.

The second possible explanation is related to the early criticism against Brie Larson’s film Avengers: Endgame. It is again, always it. The latest title from the great MCU franchise It dramatically raised the level and expectations associated with the world of comic books: To manage the show, the characters, the degree of epic nature and above all the results (almost $3 billion at the box office, difficult to replicate in the future), I created Impossible comparison To deal with. Every other film is then judged in light of the Phase 3 climax, making life difficult for every other product released from that point onwards – except perhaps Spider-Man: No way home Released in 2021, it is Marvel Studios’ latest box office sensation.

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Therefore, excessive productivity and uncomfortable comparison do not only cost a Wondersbut in general the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is going through a period of fatigue from which it seems difficult to recover – with all hopes pinned not only on a new Avengers movie, but also In the first appearance of the X-Men (And Nia DaCosta’s film is generating buzz on that front.) But taken separately, Wonders And Like ‘back in the day’ comedies: easy, funny, and just the right mix of humor and action, with some sequences that don’t take themselves too seriously and make it clear that the goal is to have lighthearted fun. Just like the early Marvel movies were.

The new adventure with Brie Larson has nothing to envy Iron Man 2to the first captain America Or to many other titles in this vast, vast universe. This is a judgment that applies not only to the advantages, but also to the disadvantages, i.e. a glossy photograph, not-so-excellent editing but short on time and accuracy. A classic (very classic!) forgettable villain Which we’ve seen many times.

Wonders Therefore, it is the notorious fish that should not be judged by how it climbs a tree or saves the universe: It’s a return to the origins Which should be evaluated and enjoyed above all in the same spirit as before the endgame. If handled this way, its humor and especially the refreshing addition of Iman Vellani and Kamala Khan will deliver what the studios always wanted: Humble fun.

Image: Marvel Studios

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