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“When I married my godfather at 16” –

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Violant Placido’s mother, the actress who played Apollonia in the Francis Ford Coppola movie: I didn’t know who Al Pacino was, he didn’t look handsome at all

Simonetta Stefanelli left the cinema early, crystallizing forever in the sweet and naive face of sixteen-year-old Apollonia who, in Spiritual fatherMichael Corleone’s young bride from Sicily, seduces Al Pacino and seduces the world, while Francis Ford Coppola’s film breaks the box office record Gone with the Wind, won three Oscars and was on track to become one of the three best films in history, according to major cinema charts. Today, there is a wonderful 67-year-old girl who lives in the countryside outside Rome, a grandmother, who paints very delightful pictures, writes poetry, has not given interviews in decades and only excludes the 50th anniversary of that masterpiece released on March 15, 1972. In the film, The wound that prompts a reluctant Al Pacino to return to New York to take over the family and clan kills him. Half an hour Apollonia was the unforgettable heroine of the novel, but then the cinema was not generous with her. She married Michele Placido, had three children, Violante, Brino and Michelangelo, who were divorced, who retired to private life.

How was it chosen?

I was sixteen, I was on set in Assisi and an assistant director came out of Coppola. He examined me as if he was doing an x-ray, and then said: You are leaving for Taormina tomorrow, I have already told your agents and your mother about it. I found myself on a plane with the pages of Mario Puzo’s book just about my character and didn’t quite understand it, because Apollonia was a bit witty in love while I was fasting, and I didn’t have a story. The next day, I was already filming a Country Rendezvous with Al Pacino.

Did you like Al Pacino?

It didn’t look pretty to me, and it didn’t affect me. They only gave it to me on the second day. He sat in front of me, I closed my eyes, I was silent, he was silent. Tell him do you speak Italian? Which is: one hand washes the other, and both hands wash the face. finished for. On the other hand, Coppola was so kind, he was with his family, with Sophia in the pram, told me to follow my intuition and never gave me a line.

Not even for the famous wedding scene?

Mom wasn’t around either: I was nervous, I just kicked her away. Nobody told us how to do it. I took off my petticoat belt, my boobs were exposed and Coppola went crazy and wanted me to do this scene. Then I went to see the movie with my family, paid for the ticket, and was ashamed to death.

Why didn’t he make other major films after that?

Those were different times, I started at 13, was stopped in the street by someone who works at Cinecitt, I didn’t have great directors or producers and there weren’t films with good female roles. I made others on Veed Spiritual fatherBut I was a little girl. In an interview I was asked about my opinion of the Mafia and I answered him: But the Mafia does not exist! Think how stupid I was… I made a fashion movie in Spain and here the exciting trend started, and they did nothing more for a young actress.

In 1974, a newspaper identified her as: with Ornella Muti and Eleonora Giorgi, one of the Three Musketeers of the new genre of Italian cinema.

I didn’t know what a laugh…the knight! They could have said worse. I also declined a lot of things, for being bad about it: I made an important movie like this and no one cared about it.

Did nothing come from America?

William Morris, the biggest international agency, offered me a contract but he was so armored that I was advised not to sign.

At one point, she said that her husband, Michelle Placido, told her that he preferred her as a housewife.

Violante has not yet been born, he belongs to a generation unaccustomed to the freedom of a woman. We met in the year 72 in a group pisciotta case By Eriprando Visconti, we were young and in love. However, as the kids get older, it doesn’t seem like I’ve been letting go of much of my career.

How do you live today?

In peace I have a companion. All children are actors, they are beautiful, good. I write my first novel and write poems that I keep to myself. I have one that looks perfect for the moment. it’s called the crazy: The clear and clear sky is stained with tongues of fire and dust and rumble… So many men without land… There is no time, only wind. Meaningless words…”.

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Why is The Godfather still considered one of the best films?

Who knows… Beauty can never be explained in words.

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