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Here are the three mistakes of Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon.”

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Even before the debut of Napoleon – new in cinemas historical film Directed by Ridley Scott – it ends up in the eye of criticism. It’s easy to say why: the film will have a lot of historical inaccuracies. According to some experts, the “poetic” licenses can be seen directly from the trailer that has already been released online. So, while waiting for Napoleon to arrive in cinemas (also in Italy) on November 23, there is already controversy surrounding the new work of the Alien and The Crusades director. But the good Ridley Scott certainly does not stand still and answers all questions in kind Criticisms received, indicating that, as a director, he should feel free to tell his vision of Napoleon’s life and exploits. In fact, what comes to the cinema is not a documentary, but a real film. But let’s go through it in order.

Napoleon is, as you can imagine from the title, a movie that sinks in deep Historical tradition in the nineteenth century It tells the story of the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, the founder of the First French Empire, which led to the birth of the Napoleonic era. Joaquin Phoenix was chosen for this role and alongside him, in the role of Giuseppina, we find the famous Vanessa Kirby. The film will not only tell the story of Napoleon’s exploits, but will also attract attentionMan behind the conqueror, bringing to light an unprecedented portrait of a very important historical figure for Europe and the entire world. The controversy over the inaccuracy of some scenes has arrived over the past few days after Dan Snow, a well-known television historian in America and his social networks, published a video in which he deconstructs Scott’s film piece by piece. Having not seen the feature film yet, Dan stopped to analyze the trailer and revealed that in just two minutes at least three scenes were found in which very little of what actually happened.

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The scenes in question are those that Marie Antoinette was beheadeda Cannon shot He was shot during his campaign in Egypt and The presence of Napoleon himself During the beheading of the former king of France. In the first part, the historian reveals that the Queen had short, curly hair while legend has it that she never lost her flowing hair while imprisoned in the Bastille and what’s more, again according to the stories, for fear of becoming all white. In the second part, “The Accused,” Napoleon would not have fired an artillery bullet at the pyramids. The historian states that the emperor was a person with an unquenchable love for ancient art. Finally, again, regarding the beheading of Marie Antoinette, Napoleon would never have witnessed her death. Ridley Scott’s substantive response comes during an interview between the pages of the book The New Yorker Where the director says: “Get a life.”

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