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Cluedo, a new movie is on the way and that’s not all

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Sony Pictures has announced a collaboration with Hasbro Entertainment to create a dual project dedicated to Cluedo, also intended for film and television.

Already for some time there have been rumors of a return an idea In the live-action format on the big screen, but now this project has gained more decisive nuance thanks to the collaboration between Tristar Pictures And Sony Pictures Television together with Hasbro Entertainment. The goal is to expand the universe proposed in the popular board game Cluedo, and tell its stories in cinema through a feature film and on the small screen through… TV series. As mentioned Character bookThe agreement signed between the two parties represents Hasbro Entertainment’s comprehensive strategy to get some of its iconic brands back on track by delivering compelling live-action stories.

Cluedo, Hasbro has big plans in mind: a movie and TV series are on the way

It’s hard not to know Cluedo, a.k.a Board game A mystery in nature that requires participants to solve a murder by identifying, in addition to the person responsible, the murder weapon used and the location where the crime occurred (usually one of the rooms in the Tudor Hall residence). Cluedo has already found form on the big screen in the past, becoming a 1985 film written and directed by Jonathan Lin with Tim Curry, Madeleine Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd. Hasbro Entertainment has chosen Sony as a partner to reignite interest in Cluedo. Zev Forman and Gabriel Marano, presidents of Hasbro’s film and television division, said in a press release:

Sony is the perfect partner to adapt a property as culturally influential and full of mystery as Cluedo. Nicole Brown, Kathryn Pope, and their team are exceptional creative collaborators and ideal partners to help us understand where Colonel Mustard was on the porch with the menorah 75 years later.

Cluedo isn’t the only board game Hasbro is planning to bring back to the screen. also Monopoly will be getting the live-action treatment, a project that will also include production Margot Robbie With his company LuckyChap.


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