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Let’s get serious… – FirenzeViolaSuperSport Live

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It was not a match for weak hearts in Vercelli, because the result was difficult, as in the first leg, which ended with the same result. Like last year, Engas enters the main draw, but he will have to do without his coach, who was sent off in the exciting final with the Monza coach. A match that left no downtime, exciting and not obvious. TeamServiceCar always leads in the competition, but the Piedmontese powerhouse redeemed all the flaws, and managed to get Oruste’s goal of the match two minutes from time on the powerplay. Two goals from Tatarani, as well as two goals from Tamburindigi and Torni, which shook the yellow-green leadership. There are only a few days of rest because on Wednesday there will be a quarter-final match, again in PalaPregnolato, against Amatori Lodi, second in the standings. Instead, Monza will be the protagonist of the last two-legged round, with the match between those eliminated in the qualifiers ensuring a direct place in the main draw for the next WSE Cup. Goals after the first 50 minutes.

Safety drills were no different. Telea Medical Sandrigo won in its first match 7-2 over the last Montecchio with thirty from Thiel and Miguelez, while in addition to being defeated only in the second half, it will not be able to use the Spanish goalkeeper Martinez in the next decisive finals. kick out with red. The Sandricensi now have 9 points over their neighbours, a huge difference to the 15 still in hand. Instead, the unexpected result was Thierry Chimeca’s 2-1 victory over Montebello at Viareggio. A heavy defeat in terms of ratings for the Tuscans who have now fallen to third place from last place, overtaken by two points by the Reds and Whites. It was Mattogini who decided on a direct starting match, and now the Bianconeri will have to score from the next match, when they are guests of Montecchio, while Montebello will host Sandrigo.

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Valdagno passes and on Tuesday it’s already quarter-final time: there is the Valdagno-Trissino derby. A2, Breganze returns to the top

Castiglione wins in Matera and closes the gap with Giovinazzo, who recovers on Tuesday against Camaiore to return to the open sea.

The second derby in a few hours ends equally between Ubroker Bassano and Why Sport Valdagno. An unusual derby, played at a calm pace, coach Chiarello prepared to move on after a good performance on Wednesday 4-1, trying to save energy in light of the quarter-finals that will already take place in less than 48 hours, again in Balaledo but against Trisino .. a derby that witnessed The blue and white advantage with a direct shot from Giuliani after Bassano missed two penalties in the first 20 minutes. The advantage at the end of the first half made the match even tighter and Bassano leveled the score four minutes from time with a goal from Muglia. However, it is already quarter time because Trissino expects his first race on Tuesday, while the others will start on Wednesday, ie in Vercelli, Follonica and Sarzana. Another very important derby for the team that managed to pass the qualifying barrier by defeating Bassano 8th. A big derby arrives on the eve of the European week for Tresino who will take part in the WSE Champions League, which arrives after a week of rest in which Bertolucci’s team has managed to prepare for the quarter-finals well, given that they will focus on the best of things in 48 hours, at worst 120 hours. Blucelesti are the favourites, but they will have to face a team that will undoubtedly feel the impact of the playoffs, but at the same time it is very joyful, after a regular season well below expectations. To some extent, all of Valdagno’s players have shown another run in the last two matches, mixing more than a good defensive solidity, and some cards in attack, which is one of the problems of the season. Trissino comes off a month full of goals and assurances and with Davide Gavioli back on the track in record time, he will be able to take on this clash to the fullest. With the first game in the guest house, it’s reasonable to expect the ultra-aggressive Trissino to take advantage of the physical delay that can be achieved in the opponent’s home. In the championship 4-7 the score in Valdagno was balanced 1-1 in Palladante. On the one hand, the Argentine Giuliani proved that he is in the best form for his team, and on the other hand, the double goal of Coco Mendes, the first and second among the scorers, could be very decisive.

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It was a day when the champions were the teams fighting for relegation, and it was just that. Acea Follonica held off Indeco Giovinazzo 4-4, while in Group A leaders Symbol Modena lost at home 2-0 to Thiene. In terms of safety, in the second group, Maremma and Hospital Campolongo Salerno won, defeating the fourth Forte dei Marmi with a score of 7-5 (six goals from Fontane). Grosseto, on the other hand, lost at home to Gamma Innovation Sarzana 7-4, while increasingly occupying third place (and temporarily second on equal points with Castiglione = Farmai Pumas Viareggio won the derby against Camaiore with a clear score of 7-1, tomorrow Castiglione will be a guest On Decom Roller Matera Group A saw the first victory of the season for Ceregno 2012, who beat Diadema Roller Bassano 6-4, regained three points from BDL Minimotor Correggio, now just one point away from Tresino 5-3 and now the Vicenza team is in second place With only three points behind first place awaiting tomorrow’s match between Breganzi and Montecchio Precalcino, Scandiano also returned to promotion, who once again beat Novara 5-1.

All matches will be broadcast in HD on FISR Hockey rink youtube channel, All official results will remain live hockeypista. By noon the next day, all the racing highlights and hot interviews from the track will also be posted on the Youtube channel.

Cosimo Mattugini and Alberto Peripolli (Tierre Chimixa Montebello), Filipe Fernandes (Amatori Wasken Lodi) – Photo credit: Alberto Vanelli

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Primer #1 – Return – Saturday 22nd April 2023 – 8.45pm – PalaPregnolato of Vercelli
Ingas Hockey Vercelli – TEAMSERVICECAR HRC MONZA = 4-3 (Go 4-3 – Aggregate 8-6)
Referees: Claudio Ferraro from Bassano (6th), Louis Hyde from Berganzi (6th)

Match 1 – Saturday 22nd April 2023 – 8.45pm – Palasport of Sandrigo (6th)
Referees: Alessandro Achelsi from Novara and Alfonso Rago from Giovinazzo (BA)

Play – Day 1 – Saturday 22nd April 2023 – 9.00pm – PalaBarsacchi of Viareggio (LU)
Referee: Matteo Galluppi from Follonica (GR) and Andrea Davoli from Modena

Primer #2 – Return – Sunday 23rd April 2023 – 6.00pm – PalaUbroker of Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Referee: Massimiliano Carmazzi from Viareggio (LU) and Franco Ferrari from Viareggio (LU)
Live broadcast on YouTube – Commentary by Domenico Tomba and Stefano Zamperin

Play – 6 days
Day 1 – Saturday 22nd April 2023

4/22/23 at 20:45 Telea Medical Sandrigo H. HC Montecchio Precalcino | 7.2
4/22/23 at 21:00 GTC Viareggio Chemistry of Thiers Montebello | 1-2

play rating –

# a team points Games played goal difference Last 3 races
1 Telea Medical Sandrigo H. 15 1 5 SSV
2 Thiers Chemistry Montebello H. 12 1 1 SVV
3 GTC Viareggio 10 1 -1 SP extension
4 Ex HC Montecchio. 6 1 -5 SS

Day 2 – Saturday 29th April 2023

4/29/23 at 20:45 HC Montecchio Precalcino GTC Viareggio
4/29/23 at 20:45 Thiers Chemistry Montebello H. Telea Medical Sandrigo H.

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