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Varese Fair: A huge hit with the audience in its first weekend. Curling and hockey continues

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Huge success with the audience in the first weekend of Varese Gallery: behind 10 thousand people She flew Schiranna’s wings to confirm, if not exceed, the expectations of the organizers.

The good weather and the quality of the fair definitely contributed to the total success of e Pietro GaravagliaCEO of Chocolat Pubblicità, the exhibition organizing secretariat, declares: “It was important to us that the audience got involved as in the previous editions, but after two years of hiatus it wasn’t clear at all“.

On the other hand, it is legitimate to expect The same thing happened all week longA (every evening from 16.00 to 23.00 until closing on Sunday 18) starting this evening. we are from Varese Sport We will always be present at the Bavarian PostFest Theater with the Director Michel Morocco Which will be presented today varese curling and theVarese Hockey Club 1977 (Read the yellow and black camp report here) From Matthew Torchio It is 19.30 and 20.00, respectively. Below is the official press release:

success with the audience in the first weekend of Fiera di Varese, More than 10,000 existences have been estimated At the Pavilions Schiranna confirms the expectations of the organizers thanks to the good weather and the quality of the exhibition. “It was important to us that the audience got involved as in the previous editions, but after two years of hiatus it wasn’t clear at allComments by Pietro Garavaglia, CEO of Chocolat Pubblicità, the exhibition organizing secretariat.

The exhibition will continue throughout the week from 16.00 to 23.00 with free admission It will close on Sunday 18th September. In a covered area of ​​6000 square meters, about 120 exhibitors said they were satisfied with the results of this rehearsal in the first weekend. A big hit in the street food area Break into weekend lunches and dinners among various gastronomic propositions from the national street food panorama of the Bollian bombshell to the run-through fried dumplings of the Piedmont fasona burger. And get much appreciation from Panzerotti from Bari. A gourmet cuisine for everyone that changes every day, along with a selection of the best beers from BaVarese Prostfest. I appreciate very much The good news is Osteria Alègher Customers are delighted with lasagna like grandmother’s fried in dough with crunchy vegetables. To welcome all visitors the traditional counter now yeast bar Bavarian style brewery featuring a zero kilometer beer sale from L’Orso Verde Craft brewery and the best brewers on the market.

Today’s last call for a private wedding From September 14th will leave space, until the end of the event, for special wellnessWith product display and sale, demos, exhibitions, hands-on group tests and conferences, its sole theme is wellness and wellness in all its forms. An orientation toward holistic disciplines will also be directed to rediscovering and maintaining mind-body balance, as well as organic food and eco-clothing, recreation equipment, ancient natural remedies, sustainable eco-architecture, feng shui, and much more.

It’s always there instead A space entirely dedicated to “restoring the heritage of the building“with Varese Chamber of Commerce And the Varese Provincial Builders Association (ANAS)With the aim of providing visitors and economic operators with information with the latest news on the use of tax bonuses, to support citizens, professionals and businesses in what appears to be an obstacle course.

In the Meetings and Culture area with the support of Millennium Radio, the event’s media partner On Monday, conferences, workshops and meetings dealing with current affairs and leisure issues will begin. Monday starts at 18.00 with the conference organized by ASPPI on the topic “An agreed lease agreement for a flat coupon payment of 10% not 21 and an IMU payment of 75%”. Tuesday the 13th at 18.00 is the beginning of a Wellness meeting with the topic “Regressive chemical hypnosis is a state of amplification of consciousness in the service of the evolution of the soul. Alchemy is not only the mother of alchemy, but also a forecast of the psychology of the soul, out of space and time” by Mario Sparaccia. Wednesday 14 We begin at 16.30 with a meeting of Benciri “Natural Remedies, Physiotherapy, Iridology for Prevention and Treatment of Mind, Body and Spirit” by Erica Biancon of La Mimosa Erboestria while at 19.00 he eagerly awaits first A talk show run by the great interview host Morena Zaparoli Funari, which also returns in this edition to the Varese Gallery with two interviews all female. The first date is With Roberta Prozon, A criminologist, forensic psychiatrist, and a famous TV face will come and talk to us about her book “Versace. Anatomy of an Impossible Crime” analyzing the character and modus operandi of Andrew Cunanan, the killer who murdered Gianni Versace on July 15, 1997. Second appointment Thursday 15 September, again at 7.00 pm in the meeting and culture area, with Marina Di Guardo, Besides being Chiara Ferragni’s motherShe is one of the world’s most famous influencers, she has written several novels mainly in the thriller genre and will come to talk to us about her latest book “Blood Red Dress Code”. We start on Friday the 16th with a wellness meeting on the topic “Vietnamese Reflexology” and at 6:30 pm the art workshop will be held From the topic “Safe Chimneys. Savings and Security “by AN Kamini, To conclude at 9.00 pm with another wellness meeting on the topic “Shiatsu, the Touch that Comes from the Heart” by Jula Giovanna.

The marquee will then move every evening in the showroom, On the stage of the BaVarese PostFest, from the presentation of the competitive years of some of the most important sports facts in Varese and the province, in collaboration with Michele Marocco of VareseSport: Monday 12 we start at 19.30 with Curling Varese and follow up Mastini Hockey Varese. Tuesday 13 Varese95 women’s basketball.Wednesday 14 from 19.00 BMX Besnate and follow up on the Gorillas America Football team. Thursday 15 at 18.00 Camacho boxing team At 20:00 they will go up to the first stage The new medalists of the Varese Rowing Club U-23 World Championships. Friday 16 The week program ends with Varese Calcio, from the first team to the youth teams. All that remains is to find us at the fair for the traditional September date in Varese.

Diverse fair in a nutshell:
From 9 to 18 September 2022
Varese Lake “Localita Shirana” in Varese
Chocolat Pubblicità srl . Organization
Monday to Friday: 4.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Saturday 17 September: 2.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Sunday, September 18: 10.00 – 20.00

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