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European rink hockey: Bad Italy fails debut against France | News

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The Azzurri won 8-5 by the French in the first match of the continental review in Portugal

Italy begins its European adventure in Portugal with a 5-8 defeat to France. The start of the Azzurri’s signings and the first half is a series of excesses that make the match very interesting. Instead, recovery becomes individualized for transalpines, Against Italy is too bad to believeBrothers Carlo and Roberto Di Benedetto are the masters of the match. The first, the Porto player and the captain of the French national team, signs a quartet of his kind, while Roberto scores a hat-trick.

After 1-2 from the Blues, Italy have a start and a draw thanks to Coco Ambrosio Couple. Carlo Di Benedetto signed for straight 2-3, but after a quarter of an hour, Italy found their best moment and turned the challenge with magic from Gavioli and with Ambrosio, who soon managed to send Cocco a kiss. Leading 4-3, France lowers the pace, but strikes hard again with the Di Benedetto brothers, who closed the first half with a 4-5 score.

In the second half, only Gavioli’s hand is expected to react. The knockout is heavy and puts Azzurri way up, with tomorrow’s game against Spain (4.30pm) taking ultimatums. The regulation states the final match of the first two secret stages: there is no point in hiding it, It will be necessary to defeat the European champions Iberia Then play it against the hosts who have a world of gold around their necks.

Italy – France 5-8 (4-5)

Italy: Barozzi, Ipinazar, Gavioli (2), Ambrosio (2), Malagoli, Cocco (1), Verona, Illuzzi, Compagno, Gnata. CT Bertolucci Alessandro
France: Audelin, Gefflot, Br. De Benedetto, Debreuer (1), Rob. De Benedetto (3), Saffro, Le Berry, CD Benedetto (4), Bono. CT Saffro

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2′ PT Markers Rob. De Benedetto, 5′ Ca. Di Benedetto, 8’03” Ambrosio, 8’36” Cocco (Tir. Dir.), 13′ Car. Di Benedetto, 16′ Gavioli, 18′ Ambrosio, 22’42’ Rob. Di Benedetto’s 22’55”. Di Benedetto ST 8′ Debrouver, 17’02” Gavioli, 17′ Ca. Di Benedetto, 23′ Rob. by Benedetto.

Written by Paolo Verdi, Collaborator at the Hockey League Press Office of the Italian National Circuit
Photo by Marzia Catini

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