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CP wrapped up their preseason hockey commitments with two good performances

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The Grosseto Edilfox Ski Club finished the pre-season with two good performances on the Forte dei Marmi circuit, in the “Trofeo del Tirreno”, winning applause but not achieving any victories. The triple victory went to the hosts, Forte dei Marmi, who, despite Turner’s absence, showed that they were superior to their rivals in terms of condition. According to Follonica, Grosseto’s team finished third with just one point. It must be said that Michele Achille’s boys arrived in Versilia without Rodriguez (feverish), De Oro and Capella, who were kept at rest as a precaution. Instead, Emmanuelle Perfetti, born in 2004, joined the group for the first time. Edelfox won the point after surrendering on penalties in the exciting derby with his cousins ​​from Follonica, after 30 minutes of play ended with a score of 3-3. Sergio Silva’s Azzurri side were the first to put their heads forward, but German Max Thiel, with a brilliant brace, turned the situation around, giving CP a 2-1 lead. In the second half, Davide Panini, with two goals, brought the Follonica players back to the top, before the final 3-3 at the hands of Thiel, who thus scored a hat-trick. In the penalty shootout, with Parede Sassetti defending Grosseto’s goal, they were only able to beat backup goalkeeper Maggi with penalties from Cardella and Thiel.

In the second match of the evening, against former Forte dei Marmi of Tresino Alle Bertolucci, the red and white team fell behind after 19 seconds with a shot from Galbas, able to catch a rebound from Catala, and they risked doubling the lead on the post. Of a generation, but as the minutes passed it grew in size and made the defense led by Captain Jannata worry. In the second half, Edelfox suffered some fatigue, conceding three more goals, but held the field well and eventually tried to score at least the winning goal, but found goalkeeper Jannata on their way.

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