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Ukraine Russia, latest war news | Russian raids in Donetsk. Kyiv establishes 4,000 “unconquerable points” to deal with an electricity emergency

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From Lorenzo Cremonese, Andrea Nicastro, and Paolo Foschi

News Wednesday 23 November live. A baby boy died last night in a missile attack by Russian forces on the maternity ward of a hospital near Zaporizhia.

• The war has come in Ukraine per day 270.

• The Kremlin condemns the wrong Ukrainian attack in the den of spies in Iraq Historic Caves Monastery in Kyiv

• Ukrainians Point to the peninsula Kinburn, Moscow Increase protection in the Black Sea
• The Palestinian Authority reporter who wrote that the rocket that fell in Poland last week was a Russian one
• Gazprom is threatening to cut off the flow of gas through Ukraine, the last route for Russian gas to Europe, from Monday in response to the fact that Ukraine will block some methane destined for Moldova.
• Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Show a scarf With an old map of his country which also included the Ukrainian lands.
• Vadim Khlopaniets, 26-year-old dancer of the Kyiv Opera House, died in battle in Ukraine near Bakhmut.

08:01 – Russian bombs have hit Donetsk, one person has been killed in the last 24 hours

The governor of the region, Pavlo Kirilenko, said that a civilian was killed and eight others wounded in the past 24 hours after the Russian attacks in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. The attacks took place in the town of Pakhmut, 85 km north of Donetsk. This was reported by the Kyiv Independent. Russian forces have killed at least 1,221 people in the region and injured 2,628 others since the invasion began, according to the governor.

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07:57 – Milanovic: No to training Kyiv forces in Croatia

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has rejected Ukrainian Defense Minister Mario Panuzic’s request to agree to train Kyiv forces in the country. This was reported by the agency Ukrinform.

07:54 – Russian bombs were detonated on the maternity ward, and a newborn baby died

A newborn baby died last night following a missile attack by Russian forces on the maternity ward of a hospital near the city of Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine: the region’s governor, Oleksandr Starukh, reported via Telegram the Kyiv Independent reports. Staruch said the targeted hospital was located in Vilnyanska.

05:35 – London sends modern laser-guided missiles to Ukraine

Britain sends stocks of advanced Brimstone missiles to Ukraine. This is an easy to use laser-guided ammunition. report it The telegraph.

05:33 a.m. – Blackout emergency, Kyiv releases ‘Invincibility Points’

More than 4,000 indomitable points have been set up in Ukraine to deal with the tragedy The emergency blackout caused by the Russian bombing to energy infrastructure. This was announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his usual evening message. If massive Russian raids happen again and if it is estimated that the electricity supply cannot be restored within a few hours – Zelensky explained – the work of the resistance points will be activated. All basic services are available: electricity, mobile phone and internet, heating, water, first aid kit. Everything is completely free, all day long. Zelensky stressed that such points will operate without in all regional and local administrations, as well as in schools, buildings of state emergency services and the like. The Ukrainian president specified that the local authorities have the task of informing the people of the existence of invincible points. In government buildings, pharmacies, shops and post offices, there should be information about where a person can find support in the event of a prolonged power outage.

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05:32 – Kyiv, the search for pro-Russian spies inside the monastery

A search for pro-Russian spies began inside the Kyiv monastery. It was some monks who leaked the news, after an attack by Ukrainian police at 6 am. The matter was investigated by Corriere della Sera reporter Lorenzo Cremonesi, who established a Video story to reconstruct what is happening.

05:31 AM – Military Point – Now the Ukrainians are aiming for the Kinburn Peninsula

(Written by Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) In one Line-up stage It’s the Special Forces speaking. They say so Intentionally blurry reconstructions To protect the details, but also to hide potential failures. After, after Conflicting news spread on the fourteenth of this monthKyiv sources reported again Activity along Kinburn Point (aka Kinburn Spit) southwest of Kherson, at the mouth of the Dnipro. In this area was the Russians Launch points for kamikaze drones And the They were able to control marine traffic. Now it is not clear whether the Ukrainians managed to knock out their opponents or just hit the positions. It is supposed Landing troopsHowever, the story was received with some skepticism by observers.

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05:30 – The Pentagon is not aware of the contacts between Kyiv and Iran regarding drones

The Pentagon is not aware of a meeting between Iranian and Ukrainian experts to discuss the use of Iranian drones in Ukraine. Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh told a news briefing. The news was leaked by Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. He added, “I think it would be surprising to hold such a meeting, given that Iran is providing Russia with drones to kill innocent Ukrainian civilians.”

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05:07 – Kyiv: Intense Russian bombing in Donetsk

Intense Russian bombings were recorded on Tuesday, day and evening, in the Donetsk region. This was reported by Ukrainian military and civilian sources, which were reported by international media.

05:06 am – Kyiv condemns: kidnapping of Ukrainian mayors by Russians in Kherson region

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said that Russian forces had kidnapped the mayors of several communities in Kherson region and taken them to the eastern bank of the Dnipro River.

05:03 am – A dancer at the Kyiv Opera Theater has died in a fight

Vadim Klopianets, a dancer at the Kyiv Opera House, died in combat. The theater’s Facebook account reported that, the UNIAN website wrote, specifying that the dancer was 26 years old, and had died near Pakhmut, a city in eastern Ukraine in the Donetsk region. The theater expressed its sincere condolences to the artist’s family, reads the profile. Khlupyanets was originally from Donetsk.

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