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Legacy is the new management software by Peter Molyneux based on the new blockchain and cryptocurrency –

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22Cans, the studio he founded Peter MolinoAnnounced the author of Fable 2, Black & White and Popolus legacyA new management game based on Ethereum Blockchain, with the purchase of digital land in the form of NFT (LAND) and a new cryptocurrency, LegacyCoin.

Legacy will be available on the Gala Games platform during 2022. In the official press release, it was described as an innovative title that will revolutionize blockchain-based games. the game He will put us in the shoes of a businessman and “gives players the opportunity to build their own business, design their own products from a wide range of possibilities and create a business empire the world has never seen before.” It will also be possible to enter into commercial negotiations between players, participate in competitions and events with the receipt of “big prizes”, the details of which are still a mystery.

The goal of the game is precisely to create a successful business, turning the small town in which our company is located into a huge industrial city. All this will also allow players to earn real money if they want to. As described in the press release, players who receive a file virtual terrain (Land NFT) will be able to start their own blockchain business in Legacy and run their business like in a real free market.

Details in this regard are scarce at the moment, but from what we learn, virtual entrepreneurs will be able to lend legacy key For other people who want to start a Legacy business by making them their business partners, getting in return a percentage of LegacyCoins that they will earn.

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As mentioned above, the LegacyCoin It is the virtual currency of the game based on the Ethereum blockchain that can be obtained through “competitive events” and more. They can be spent in a variety of ways, such as buying Legacy Keys, in-game trading, purchasing NFT items, and more to unlock.

Unfortunately, at the moment, 22Cans has not released a trailer or gameplay video for Legacy that allows us to better understand Peter Molyneux’s vision for his new game. Above you’ll find some images from the 2019 pre-alpha release, but we’d like to stress that over the years the game could have changed drastically.

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