Home entertainment Oscar 2024 “The German Constant” in the duel for Best Foreign Film. But Io Capitano is in the top five

Oscar 2024 “The German Constant” in the duel for Best Foreign Film. But Io Capitano is in the top five

Oscar 2024 “The German Constant” in the duel for Best Foreign Film.  But Io Capitano is in the top five

Great year For the fifth of Best international film. And not just because the Italian nominee appears in the top five at the 96th Academy Awards I'm the captain By Matteo Garrone, two years after the nomination he received Paolo Sorrentino to It was the hand of God. In fact, it's one of the top picks for Best International Film (a category that since 2020 has replaced Best Foreign Language Film) with works of the highest caliber, and in some cases exceptional.

On the contrary, our Garrone film does not disappoint, as a testament to the international appreciation (already experienced with the Director's Award he received at the Venice Film Festival) for the Romanian director's look at the tragedy of young African migrants that, while going beyond clichés, conveys the imaginative The heroes' point of view, and I raise it to the level of epic.

With the whole of Italy on his side, unfortunately, Garrone won't be able to topple this year's favourites, that is Area of ​​interest (Area of ​​interest) from the British Jonathan GlazerWhich includes, in addition to the nomination in this category, four others (Best Film, Direction, Screenplay and Sound Adaptation). The film, which has already won several awards during awards season as well as the Grand Prix at Cannes, is inspired – just as context – by the novel of the same name by the late Martin Amispresents itself as one of the most powerful, idealistic and devastating cinematic readings of the Holocaust, and sets Auschwitz concentration camp The off-screen voice of “Beyond the Garden” is able to shock every conscience. The pink and seemingly deaf paradise of Kuala Lumpur Commander Hos and his family serves as a contrast to the deadly tragedy separated by a surrounding wall: one can catch a glimpse of the famous tower of the extermination camp, but above all there are the sounds of shots, screams and voices. Dogs are angry to fill this disturbing drama with meaning.

The dialogue was done in German by wonderful actors like the natives Christian Friedel And Sandra Holler (Which also boasts a personal nomination for the Palme d'Or-winning film Anatomy of a Fall by Justin Treatinexplicably accepted by France as its standard-bearer and who was sure to find his place in these five…) contributes strangely to bringing Germany – or rather “German element“- which this release has one of the best international features. In fact, it is not only Germany that has its own beautiful psychodrama Teachers' lounge (Das Lehrerzimmer) by director İlker Çatak, but he also bears the nationality of one of his most prominent cinematic characters, Wim Wenderswhich strangely competes with Japan – because thanks to the text in Japanese – with Perfect daysa much-loved cinematic ode of perfect simplicity seen in Venice 2024. Added to this is the fact that last year Germany won a foreign Oscar for war film. Nothing new on the Western Front By Edward Berger.

Therefore, if it is possible to talk on the side of the best film and direction about British hegemony (Glazer, even if in German, Nolan, even if in the United States of America, and the Greek Lanthimos in the “London” version and production..), on the international side. He could dare to do so Germany Uber alle. They are at the bottom, even in terms of quality and the chance of winning is slim Snow Association (La Sociedad de la nieve) Spain is represented by the Catalan Juan Antonio Bayona, who without rhetoric reconstructs the story of the survivors of the famous Uruguayan air tragedy that occurred in the Andes in 1972.


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