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Strange cloud in the sky, NASA photos

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NASA’s recent discoveries leave everyone speechless. One of the latter relates to one Private cloud over the Caspian Sea in the period of May. This discovery provides an interesting starting point in the satellite study, which reported the presence of this anomaly with great accuracy.

The “strange” cloud discovered by satellites

NASA is always on the alert for new discoveries, but if something moves or looks abnormal, the team may be upset for a moment. This is not the case with this discovery which, however strange, does not appear to be alarming.

This special cloud was alerted by NASA’s Earth satellite. Exciting images show that the cloud is moving towards our planet and then dissipating. Stratocumulus clouds tend to cluster together at lower altitudes in the atmosphere. was the cloud It was seen about 1500 meters above the ground.

On the day of sighting, late in the morning, the cloud flew over the Caspian Sea, while in the afternoon it moved northwest of Russia, hugging Makhachkala, along the low Caucasian Plain. The cloud obviously doesn’t show any offbeat characters, but there are some details that are a lot of interest.

The thing that aroused the interest of experts It was the uncommon edge and thickness of the cloud, captured by the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS). Atmospheric scientist Bastian van Dydenhoven said:These sharp edges often form when the air coming from the land is hot and dry, and thus bumps into moist air over the ocean. This way those odd edges are formed. ”

Cloud weirdness

By collecting all the data that NASA possesses, it is clear that behind this strange phenomenon there is no apocalyptic event, but only the climatic elements that came together to create this extraordinary spectacle.

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An unusual detail that attracted the attention of experts is the location of this cloud. Seeing this type of cloud in the Eastern European region is rather strange, as it is far from the ocean region which might be a more acceptable “home”. The Caspian Sea is the largest body of water in the world, surrounded by Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and this Could explain why this cloud exists.

Diedenhoven described this phenomenon in detail:This type of cloud is often found off the west African coast, but in this case it is much larger.“According to the scientist, the cloud probably formed as soon as the warmer air in the Balkans hit the cooler and wetter air in the Caspian Sea.

Behind all this could be a disturbing fact, because this unlikely combination of temperatures is also caused by Global warming affects the planet Which causes several unusual phenomena.

This event shows how satellites can report, with great accuracy and speed, all anomalies that travel through our atmosphere and into the deep space of our solar system. NASA always has great news to report and it leaves us speechless every single day.

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