Home entertainment Sophie only talks to you about social networks and TV series, there is no closeness

Sophie only talks to you about social networks and TV series, there is no closeness

Sophie only talks to you about social networks and TV series, there is no closeness

Afternoon of Secrets at Big Brother VIP’s house. The former matchmaker expressed her view on the relationship with the ex-Tronesta and entrepreneur in Campania.

Despite the recent passionate kisses, things are in between Janmaria Antinolfi e Sophie CodjeonIt doesn’t look like I took off. In addition to physical attraction, in fact, for the former tronista of men and women, there does not seem to be a real desire for a romance. Jianmaria I was frustrated about not being able to have a conversation with her and I spoke to her today Soleil rise.

for every AntinulfiAnd Sufi Fear blocks her Soleil She is not at all convinced that this is the case: “I feel like she doesn’t want to open up because she’s afraid to move on. Because it’s not possible not to talk to me, we can really start talking about anything. I can’t have a conversation with everyone but her.”, captured the entrepreneur from Campania.

“Have you been told so many times that there is no interest in a relationship, and therefore what do you want? Have you already made castles in the air and have to build a future? Have you reached a point where she, in a certain sense, had such a perception of you that you even went so far as to insult you.” To say things that may have arrived after certain events. She came without justification to think these heavy things about you.. You are both superficial, you have the most sensitivity that you only reach with certain people. Although there is an excellent loophole, she is 19 years old and has no experience In life. She only talks to you about social networks and TV series. If anything else, it is automatic and easy for you. You shouldn’t force things if you can’t get it, maybe it’s because you don’t have that kind of rapprochement between two people, The former suitor answered.

Jianmaria He seemed very confused about what to do: “That’s not my goal, because I gave it up completely. We couldn’t stand each other. It’s probably due to the fact that we love each other so much. What I can tell you is that I trust my feelings and something about her. She is physically there but I would like to know, so why?” I don’t know her It’s the basics I know anyone because I don’t know What’s wrong with that But without expecting anything There’s trust, it’s silly It never occurred to me to not have a normal relationship and talk more and more I feel so embarrassed, unbelievable For my part, I don’t care anymore. I’m calm. I suffer because the tenth time I try to get close, I feel uncomfortable. Because I feel uncomfortable. I have a great desire to be by her side, but if I feel uncomfortable, this thing rejects you. If it was up to me, we’d cuddle up all day. So far away from ourselves, she was the one who came back to me. The.”

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