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Strong hockey at Versiliana “Sportsmanship”

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Three days, over 30 disciplines to try, and 13 moments of confrontation and debate; More theater, traveling exhibitions, hands-on performances, workshops and the many faces of Olympic and Paralympic sport. These are just some of the numbers Soul sport scheduled a Marina di Pietrasanta Friday 2And the Saturday 3 And the Sunday 4 September between Versiliana Park and Nimbus Surfing Club Beach.

On this occasion, ASD Wheelchair Hockey Versilia APS – Sea Wolf will be present with its gazebo to introduce itself and perform some demos. A delegation of A1 Series players, led by General Manager Antonio Agostini, will be present at the Sea-Wolf Club in their gazebo.

We can’t miss such an important date happening in our lands – announce Antonio Agostini -. An opportunity to promote the sport in terms of its educational value in social aspects, to push for greater inclusion, and to emphasize that hockey is also a sport that everyone can play. Finally, I would like to mention – Agustini concluded – That these days, we are completing preparations to celebrate, with our many fans, the first 60 years of our club’s history. A two day celebration before we push into this year’s championship“.

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