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Short track – Good start for Azzurri in Canada – Fondo Italia

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Good responses from the Azzurri in the first day of the “Isu Short Track Crystal Globe Trophy” World Cup that took place in Canada yesterday. On the ice of Montreal’s Arena Maurice-Richard, TheItaly Technical director Kenan Gouadec’s international tour began its journey with the women’s quartet already qualified for the semi-finals, passing 9 qualifiers in the individual events and rounds of both the mixed and male relays.

The Italian team tested very well in team competitions. In the mixed relay Andrea Casinelli (Fiam Giale) Ariana Siegel, (Fiam Oro) Luca Spessenhauser (CS Carpinieri and Ariana Valzepina (Fiam Giale) finished second behind South Korea in the quarter-final battery. Belgium, against France and Korea, in the Italian evening Access to the semi-finals. It will be a demanding battery, but Ariana Fontana, the Olympic vice-champions of this specialty, also set foot on the glacier’s path. Beijing 2022. And Martina Valzepina, they can certainly gamble.

The same fate for the men’s relay – the last race of the day – with Mattia Antonioli (CS Army) Andrea Cassinelli, Uri Confortola (CS Carabinieri) and Thomas Natalini (Fiam Oro) finishing second behind Holland. going to the semi-finals. Italy will face Holland, Korea and Belgium today.

In the individual trials, the Siegel brothers stand out in the Azzurri: advancing from first in the battery in the first session of 1000 meters and crossing the cut line even at 500 meters. condition. Baselga di Pinè’s Fiamme Gialle proved to be one of the best in the world when it comes to technique and mental approach to competitive tactics on the ice. Ariana also did well, (Fium Oro) in the second session of 1000 and 1500m. Ariana, like his brother Pietro, showed a certain intelligence in changing speed at high speeds, supported by the excellent “half/exit” curve technique, which allows him to get out under acceleration when taking better lanes.

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Formina Elisa Confortola (Fiam Oro) stood out in the same battery as Ariana Sigel, capable of leading the race several times, proving that the position of her opponents was not affected by the course. Still in the women’s field, Nicole Potter Gomez (Fiamme Oro) gets a pass in the 500m and newcomer Catia Filippi (Fiamme Oro) in the 1000m.

In the men’s category, Thomas Natalini qualified in the first session of the 1000m and Andrea Cassinelli in the second round of the 1000m. Qualifying was not so easy for Bormini Luca Spessenhauser and Mattia Antonioli, who qualified for the third time in the 1500m for the first time. Kronos would have qualified for the semi-finals, but it was a pity that only Mattia Antonioli would pass the regulation best third time. In today’s Italian evening, medals will be awarded in the men’s and women’s 1500m and first 1000m heats, followed by the semi-finals of both the gender and mixed heats.

On Youtube Channel You can follow the event live.

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